Around the World in 8 Experiences

Here at Kapow, we know how much you like to treat your clients to unique and classic experiences. If you could, you would take your clients on extravagant trips around the world.

But let’s face it, it’s extremely difficult to get away. From booking a flight, checking your bags and making sure you didn’t forget your passport, it’s hard to get out the door, much less to the airport. Not to mention using up all of those vacation days! With all this tying you down, how are you suppose to globe trot with your clients?

Luckily, Kapow has brought those wonders of the world right to your own backyard. San Francisco for example, spans the entire world in one fell swoop. But this staycation magic can be experienced all across the country.

Italian Confections down home in Austin

Deep in the heart of Texas lies an authentic eatery that will take your taste buds on a journey back to the motherland. Gelateria Gemelli relies on traditional methods to create their delectable gelato creations, making them the best in the business. This great experience will get you out of the Texas heat and cool down with some delightful Italian creations.

GelateriaGemelli_photo3 (1)

German Sausages in the Rocky Mountains

Yodeling and lederhosen come to the Rocky Mountains for this genuine German sausage experience. Wurstküche is Denver’s destination for authentic brats and has become a staple for craft brews. Take your taste buds on a bona fide journey that will make you feel like you’ve flown the coop.

Chinese Cuisine in The City of Angels

Outside of the Grauman’s theatre, this authentic experience is the only surefire way in LA to sample the culture of the far east. This dinner at E.P. Asian Eating House will make you feel like one of the family, taking in all the delicious flavors that it has to offer. Marrying ancient techniques with modern mastery, this one-of-a-kind experience will have you begging for more.


French Delicacies on Miami Beach

Say “oui” to this genuine French evening at a sleek and modern lounge. At db Bistro Moderne, you will feel like you are in Bordeaux with, sommelier-selected wine pairings flowing freely throughout the evening. Feel like royalty with this multi-course dinner sure to make even the pickiest palates to say “oh la la”.

Japanese Sushi in the heart of Beantown

Roll into your new favorite sushi restaurant during this authentic experience in Boston. Regarded as some of the best sushi in Boston, Basho Brasserie is sure to please every palate. In addition to the authentic roll-ups, the master chef has paired the evening’s delicacies with high-end sake, for a taste of Japan so legit, your guests won’t believe they’re still in Beantown.


Latin Flavors in the Windy City

Spice up your evening with a flaming hot night in the heart of Chicago. Mercadito is a sleek, upscale cantina with cocktails destined to satiate every guest. Turn up the heat as you cool down with signature house cocktails, in a night that will be remembered long after you say “adios.”

English Brews on the Eastern Seaboard

You don’t have to jump across the pond to have delicious ciders straight from the tap. Drop into Capitol Cider for an experience that will take you on a journey to the land of double decker buses, red phone booths and giant clocks. With a delicious multi-course meal, this experience isn’t one that is soon to be forgotten.


Indian Creations in the Heart of Georgia

When you think of downtown Atlanta, you don’t necessarily think of handcrafted Indian cuisine, but Spice to Table is about to change that. Using contemporary techniques, master Chef Asha Gomez serves up gourmet dishes like samosa pockets and banana-leaf-wrapped roast ginger chicken. Get a taste of this vibrant and beautiful culture with a journey through incredible South Asian cuisine.

You don’t have to jump through hoops to travel around the world. Explore the unlimited possibilities right in your own backyard by booking a world-class experience through Kapow.

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