2020 Festival Season: Mix Business And Travel

It’s hard to believe given the temperatures outside, but the 2020 festival season will soon be upon us. The inexperienced event marketer may ask, “why would that matter?” For one, despite its less-than-bloggable name, “bleisure” travel isn’t going away anytime soon. In addition, millennial workers are challenging to attract, favoring experiences over other offerings. So how do you get that yes on a conference or live event that might require some travel? Pair it with a festival of course! If you’re still in the Stone Age when it comes to picking a 2020 festival, we’ve got you covered with a crash course in everything you need to know.

SXSW – Austin (March 13–22)South by Southwest is one of the premiere 2020 festivals you can use to enhance your marketing pitch.

South by Southwest (always abbreviated as above, though) is a formidable festival with a 33-year-pedigree behind it. Austin’s premiere festival, this 10 day to-do is part conference, part film festival and comes with a week’s worth of music as well. This year’s lineup includes Seattle indie pop band Great Grandpa, Edinburgh’s Siohban Wilson and Tokyo, Japan’s Hazy Sour Cherry. The eclectic musical selections—along with the fest’s increasing focus on disruption, tech and much, much more—make this an ideal way to dip your toes into bleisure-based marketing. Scheduling an event in Austin come mid-March could be a great way to attract a competitive persona.

New Orleans Jazz Fest – New Orleans (April 22–May 3)

Don’t let the name fool you. The New Orleans Jazz Fest is a tour-de-force of musical acts from all walks of life. This year, the acts include everyone from The Who and the Foo Fighters to Erykah Badu and Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley and The Postal Service fame). Even better, New Orleans is stunning in the springtime. The festival’s long run time ensures that there’s no shortage of acts to enjoy in one of the South’s foremost bastions of jazz history. Add in delicious Cajun cooking, tours and an increased focus on secondary markets and you’ve got an event city no one can refuse.

The Governors Ball Music Festival – New York City (June 5–7)The 2020 festivals season happens year round, providing lots of opportunity to capitalize on it.

Situated on Randall’s Island Park in New York City, The Governors Ball Music Festival proves that the Big Apple doesn’t skimp when it comes to spectacle. High profile acts at this hard-to-beat festival include Solange, Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus and Vampire Weekend. If you’ve got more of the cuffed jeans crowd in your core personas, don’t worry. Toronto punks PUP, bedroom pop icon (and daughter of Kevin Kline) Frankie Cosmos and even Tame Impala will play sets.

Pitchfork Music Festival – Chicago (July 17–19)

It’s no secret that Chicago is a bit of a ringer when it comes to festivals. The 2020 Festivals season will give your guests the opportunity to head to Wicker Park Fest in the midsummer, Lollapalooza in August and Riot Fest in September. However for the right mix of accessibility and credibility, you can’t go wrong with the Pitchfork Music Festival. Run by the Condé Nast-affiliated music tastemaker, P4K is held in the West Loop’s gorgeous Union Park. A full setlist isn’t available for 2020 yet, but previous headliners have included LCD Soundsystem, The Isley Brothers and Chance the Rapper. Close to downtown, Fulton Market and the city’s endlessly hip West Town neighborhoods of Bucktown and Logan Square, P4K is an ideal stop-off for music fans of all levels.

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