Inside Tech: The Value of Virtual Tours

As Kapow revolutionizes the corporate event space, we’re finding new ways to connect clients with venues online for faster and easier booking. Because our clients’ days are jam packed with meetings and appointments, visiting a venue before booking an event is a thing of the past. That being said, it can be tricky for event planners and sales professionals to book an event online without getting a sense of the space and seeing the layout. The solution: 360° virtual tours.

Virtual toursEssentially a permanent ‘open house’, virtual tours allow anyone to view a space online at any time. When you need to check out a venue before booking an event, there’s no denying the convenience of a digital walkthrough. And because the person booking an event often needs approval from the boss, the 360° virtual tours make it a breeze to share and get approvals. Simply pass along the link and get feedback on the space. This is also an invaluable feature for someone who is booking an event out of state and needs to see a space quickly (and for free).

For all these reasons Kapow decided to work with Matterport to create 360° virtual tours of venues in our Partner Network. We invested in a Matterport camera, which is constantly being updated with new features and improvements for the tours. The platform is easy to use and requires little to no post-processing. The tours can easily be integrated into our website with just a few lines of code, and opened up by users with just one click—no need to download any plugins or software. The camera also has the ability to store additional information like room labels or detailed descriptions of a particular area. This supplementary information can be crucial for users when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

virtual tours

In the coming months, the Matterport 360° virtual tours will become heavily integrated into Kapow’s site across our markets. If you haven’t seen a tour in your market yet, look out, because we’re coming for you.

To check out some of our Chicago venues with 360° virtual tours, look for the 360 icon in the lower right corner of the event description.




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