Warm Up With These Winter Cocktails

As the temperature creeps into the single digits, spritzers and margaritas seem less appropriate and cocktails designed for the colder months come out to play. If you’re stuck inside and need some inspiration, check out the below recipes to craft some delicious and wintery refreshments.


Classic Eggnog

Although Christmas has come and gone, that doesn’t mean eggnog has to too. Channel that extra holiday cheer and stir up a Classic Eggnog to cheers with friends and family during the New Year.

White Russian

If you’re stuck inside, snowed in by towers of white fluffy matter, stir up a simple White Russian to get the blood flowing back into your toes. A classic blend of milk, Kahlua and vodka atop ice makes the White Russian the chilly, but traditional winter choice.


Rye and Ginger

It’s a simple, yet sophisticated drink for a simple, yet sophisticated (and maybe chilly) man or woman. With not many ingredients to it, making the perfect Rye and Ginger is something you may be able to do with your eyes closed and in frigid temperatures. Pour a generous portion of rye whiskey over ice and top it with a bit of tasty ginger.

Dirty Martini

Nothing warms up the soul like a perfectly executed Dirty Martini. If you’re still lost, look to this handy dandy guide.


While the weather outside may be frightful, booze is definitely something delightful, so grab your pals and stir up some winterized sippers. If you still feel like you need some expert attention, browse through some Kapow mixology experiences to learn how to perfect your winter drink.



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