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CHICAGO, IL – (November 12, 2012)Holiday celebrations with the office can be the best of times or the worst of times.  That is why Kapow, Chicago’s premier marketplace for company events made easy, put together a survival guide on how to thrive at your company’s holiday party this year.

“You spend so much time with your employees during the day, but it can be a completely different experience for many when forced to socialize with their coworkers in the evening,” explains Marc Halpin, CEO and co-founder of Kapow.  “Kapow has put on hundreds of events for companies since we launched last May so we know what does and doesn’t work and thought it would be in the best interest of our clients and all Chicagoans if we assembled some tips for surviving the big holiday office party.”

The following consists of Kapow’s “Top 5 Must Do’s” for getting through and even enjoying  your company’s holiday party this season.

  1. If you’re bringing a spouse or guest, send them a quick email the day of the party that includes: (1) Who will be there so they are familiar with people’s names, (2) At least one big project happening at the office so they can chat with others if left alone.
  2. If there’s a Secret Santa office gift, spend a little extra so that whoever gets your gift is happy and doesn’t feel cheated.
  3. Bring mints and floss to keep your pearly whites free of food, and your breath smelling fresh.
  4. Clear your schedule for that evening. Don’t be too busy to socialize with your work peers and never be the first or the last to leave.
  5. Show up for work the next day regardless of how you feel and regardless of what happened at the event.

Kapow, Inc. promotes exclusive company events to members in the Chicago area. Membership is free and provides business professionals responsible for planning their company’s events access to our unique online marketplace.  For more information, go to www.kapow.com or contact Michael Timpone at 312-698.9974.


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