6 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

1. The Michelin-starred restaurants in Chicago.

Earning a Michelin star is no small feat and Chicago is sprinkled with 25 amazing restaurants that earned stars. See the full list here.


2. Chicago pizza.

We don’t care what Jon Stewart says (and we’re guessing you don’t either) – we love our deep dish Chicago pizza. Shout out to Marc Malnati for representing Chicago on The Daily Show.


3. Eataly opening.

Mario Batali’s much anticipated opening of Eataly is on Monday, December 2nd. The 63,000 square-foot Chicago location is described as a “massive Italian food theme park,” by Eater Chicago.


4. The Blackhawks.

Chicago teams may be having a rough year but the Blackhawks never stop failing to impress!

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Six

5. Mixologists.

The art of mixology has become increasingly popular and Chicago bars are boasting an impressive cocktail list. This is perfect for both men and women who want to explore something other than their standard “whiskey & coke” or “vodka soda.” And for guys who want to opt for a more fun and unique drink…you can without the frills.


6. Wells Street bridge opening.

Dealing with one year of a closed bridge can really put a damper on your daily commute/lunch break/after work drinks etc. Anyone who knows this bridge will understand why we’re thankful.


There you have it! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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