Off the Beaten Path: Holiday Parties Outside of the Loop

When the wind is howling and 5:00p.m. looks like 10:00p.m., it’s all too easy to stick to the dive bar across the street or the restaurant around the corner. Downtown can be appealingly easy, but you’ve got to help get guests out of their seasonal bubble and explore the unknown.



Nestled on a cozy Lincoln Park street, L2O brings creative imagination to their seafood creations that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Guests can interact with Chef Matthew Kirkley and his culinary team while sipping cocktails and touring the state of the art kitchen. This event package is a unique way to experience the true art of a Michelin-starred restaurant.


Throw the traditional holiday dinner and drinks for an exciting loop with an event at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet. A perfect option for spicing up the monotony of winter, guests will get to feel the power behind the world’s most luxurious automobiles with an autocross experience. They’ll test the limits by racing cars through an obstacle course.



With the ambience and charm of a neighborhood coffee shop and the beer list of a world-class bar, Beermiscuous is a café with an exciting twist. Situated in the heart of Lincoln Park, guests will enjoy the rustic charm and exposed brick walls while a brew master helps them peruse the extensive menu.

Have we inspired you to break out of the downtown box and venture off the beaten track? Contact us and we’ll lead you down the right path to finding the prefect hidden holiday treasure.



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