Off the Beaten Path: Holiday Hotspots Outside of Downtown Dallas

It’s often all too easy to stick to the restaurants close to the office, where you’ve got the menu memorized and the waitress knows your drink order, but it’s up to you to treat your clients to an evening outside of the city limits. This year set the bar high for holiday parties and schedule an event that goes against the grain, mixing up the monotonous winter work week.


Pole Position:

Not only is this adrenaline-inducing hotspot located in Frisco, it is a completely unique take on the holiday party. Guests will trade high heels and ties for sneakers and a helmet as they race around one of the dynamic track options testing who has the heaviest lead foot.

img_0490Gas Monkey:

Head north for a lively excursion at a bar and grill that specializes in the fusion of live music and delicious cuisine. Created by Discovery Channel star Richard Rawlings, Gas Monkey exudes a warm Texas charm that is perfect for a holiday hangout.


Truth and Alibi:

Boost the dramatics this year with a secret shindig at the glamorous Eastside speakeasy Truth and Alibi. The bright candy storefront masquerades the bar, and is a severe contrast to the lush, jewel-toned interior, which requires passwords for particular cocktails.

With so many great options there’s nothing holding you back from booking an ‘off the beaten path’ holiday event with Kapow! We’re always ready to help make your lives easier by providing event packages that leave guests excited and impressed.


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