Host your holiday party in January

Holiday season is coming to a close. Festive lights will be taken down and people might seem a bit grumpier now that an abundance of cookies and pies have been eaten. There is one way to extend the holiday season and keep on bringin’ the joy and that is to host your holiday party in January. Yep, that’s right. I bet you’re thinking, what happens in January? Nothing? Exactly. That’s why it is the perfect month for a ‘tad bit late’ holiday season soiree.

Venue AvailabilityUntitled-3

The weeks leading up to the holidays are the busiest times for venues and can cause a major headache when it comes to planning your perfect party. Come January, venues are sure to be wide open and ready for business. For an added bonus, rates are likely to be cheaper in January when the holiday rush has slowed down.

Untitled-1Guest Availability

The month of December has everyone running around flying to Grandma’s house for cake and Uncle Jimmy’s for karaoke and mashed potatoes. Who has time to attend their office holiday party too? By hosting the shindig in January it will relieve the stress from your guests having to pick and choose what they can and can’t attend. Attendees will also be thrilled to have something festive to look forward to once the glitz and glitter of the holidays has died down.

Perfect Story-Swapping TimeUntitled-2

Holiday season brings about lots of stories that your guests will want to share with one another. They can relax and unwind with all of the family time stress behind them. January is the recovery period from a few months of heavy eating (and drinking) and most likely wallet emptying. By having the party in January guests can have fun together without the added anxiety of 100 other things going on.

So, even if you were worried that life got too busy to plan your holiday party, never fear. We are here to help you have the best post-holiday bash of your dreams. Enjoy the final days of December with the belief that January can and will be just as magical.


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