Haunted Events to Book this Halloween

The leaves have begun to turn, the days are getting shorter and pumpkins are appearing in supermarket parking lots across the country. In short, it’s Halloween time. If you’re looking to celebrate, you could book a normal cocktail event or group activity for your company, but you’ve got all year to do that. If you’re looking for something in the spirit of the season, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find a smattering of ghoulish delights and diabolical delicacies below, ranked from least to most supernaturally oriented.

Live “Clue” game with The Murder Mystery Company

Nothing says “Halloween” like getting involved in your own murder mystery game where you and your guests are the suspects and the investigators.

Guests will get carefully crafted binders full of suspect dossiers while a troupe of professional actors leads you in a farcical murder mystery. With a flexible location, and the ability to add on your own catered dinner and awards, this is the perfect Halloween event for those who prefer their Halloween scares to be not so scary.

Cocktail reception at the haunted Winchester Mystery House

Now we’re starting to cook with ghost-haunted gas. Enjoy locally-sourced drinks and hors d’oeuvres before embarking on a short tour of the Winchester Mystery House, a house the Travel Channel deemed one of the “most terrifying places in America.” The sprawling four-story mansion was built by Sarah Winchester in order to hide from the vengeful ghosts of those killed with the Winchester rifle.

Ghostly encounters with vengeful spirits or Sarah Winchester herself not guaranteed, but guests will be invited to Winchester’s old greenhouse for more cocktails and appetizers. Just don’t go wandering off on your own…

Moscow Mule making and ghost tour at Blake Street Vault

At the Blake Street Vault in Denver, Colorado, you’ll get both a ghost tour and a mixology class rolled up into one convenient spectral package. Attendees will enjoy appetizers and drinks, including the venue’s signature Moscow Mule before embarking on a short history and ghost tour—if they dare.

Tour-goers will get a firsthand look at Blake Street Vault’s basement, which includes the original vault, elevator machinery and an entrance to the old tunnels beneath the streets of Denver. Rumor has it that the property is haunted by its prior inhabitants, so there’s no telling what else you’ll find down there. After finishing the tour, guests will get to attend a complimentary mixology class where they’ll learn how to make their own Moscow Mule.

Expert-led ghost and cemetery tours with Historic New Orleans Tours 

Add some spooky flair to your walking tour of historic New Orleans with not one but two supernatural events.

Once the sun sets on the French Quarter, the ghost tour will begin. You’ll be guided by some of the Big Easy’s best and most knowledgeable storytellers in search of ghosts like the Witch of the French Opera and the Phantom of the Orleans Hotel.

For anyone interested in New Orleans’s unique afterlife architecture, the Cemetery/Voodoo tour should be a perfect fit. Led by author Robert Florence, everyone on this tour will walk through the above-ground burial chambers and mausoleums of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Your guests will have a great time taking in some arresting architecture and ambiance in the very graveyard where notorious Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau is said to be interred.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or want something a little less frightening for your next event? Browse events at kapow.com and see how you can make your next group outing scary good.


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