Finish Out 2017 Strong With a Client Event

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the end-of-year holidays occurring not long after that, the struggle to maintain your momentum through 2017 is real. If you’re a field marketer trying to get your sales team more face time to nurture leads and close sales, the time between today and the end of the year probably seems way too tight to squeeze in one more event. 

However, there are a ton of reasons to push through the oncoming winter doldrums to schedule one last big event—even if it doesn’t technically come in 2017. Here’s why.

A big event helps you finish 2017 with high visibility

When executed correctly, events are a great way to maintain your visibility with clients, generate leads for your company and provide immediate and tangible benefits for your organization. Those things don’t magically evaporate when the end of the year comes around—you just might have to work a little harder to navigate the complicated scheduling that comes around the holidays.

“If executed and marketed correctly,” Splash CEO and cofounder Ben Hinman writes in a recent AdAge article, “events present at least 10 to 15 opportunities to connect with your audience before and after the event: the save-the-date; the invitation; the reminder email; the event itself; the follow-up email; the social interactions; the owned and earned media. Each stage in the event lifecycle is an opportunity to pique someone’s interest in your brand. Make sure you have a targeted strategy for each.”

An end-of-year event is a great way to thank your clients for their business in 2017 and stay at the forefront of their minds going into 2018. If you’re vying for a client’s attention between Thanksgiving and the New Year, here are some tips for planning an event in under 30 days.  

Booking now can help you get a leg up in 2018

Even if threading the needle between coordinating and executing an event to finish out 2017 isn’t an option, you can lay the groundwork for a substantive head start in 2018 by booking now. Booking today for a January event can be a huge boon for your company—a little bit of proactivity can go a long way when you’re trying to build the framework for a strong 2018.

Team Building Trivia

A longer lead time can allow for no shortage of possibilities when it comes to engaging your clients with a fun event during the relatively sparsely populated post-holiday winter season. Imagine how much easier it’s going to be to get your foot in the door with clients when you’ve already got an event planned for the middle of January. Chances are, your competitor will still be shaking off the cobwebs after the prolonged holiday break.

If you’ve still got the budget, planning an event for the end of the year or the beginning of 2018 while it’s still early could pay off in huge ways for your company. And we’re here to help you do that, so check out the venues listed below that still have 2017 availability, and visit kapow.com for our full collection of events. 

National venues



Dave & Buster’s


Local venues

Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting in Little Italy, NYC

Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting in Chinatown, NYC

Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant in NYC

House of Blues in Orlando

Catch Me – The Magic Duel in Washington, D.C.

Stoddard’s Range & Guns in Atlanta

Museum Hack at the Art Institute in Chicago

Museum Hack at AMNH in NYC

Museum Hack at the MET in NYC

Museum Hack at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia

Museum Hack at the de Young Museum in San Francisco

Museum Hack at the Getty Center in LA

Museum Hack at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.


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