4 Tips on Hosting Your Holiday Office Potluck

It’s that time of the year where the trees lining Wacker Drive have lost all of their leaves, snow is on the horizon, and you just can’t seem to enter a grocery store without hearing those cheerful holiday songs such as “Silent Night” or the 80’s classic… “Last Christmas” by the 1980’s sensation, Wham! Thanksgiving marks the start of company parties, holiday happy hours and get-togethers with co-workers, which can really start to take a toll on your wallet. Good news! Hosting a company Potluck can be inexpensive and interactive for your company holiday needs, just as long as you follow these simple tips:

Assign dishes to your co-workers. Let’s face it. No one wants to eat 5 different versions of deviled eggs.  Open up that Excel doc and have everyone fill out their name and dish of choice they would like to provide to ensure a good mix of dishes.

Send Reminders. Make sure to send out a friendly email reminder the day before the potluck event.There will definitely be a co-worker or two who forgets to bring in their dish of choice and will end up rushing into the nearest convenient store in a massive panic. What was supposed to be their grandmother’s 100-year-old tiramisu dish is now a plate of Oreos.

Heating the food. Have a back-up plan for those dishes that need heating otherwise the line at the microwave could become a situation similar to those at the DMV.  Or better yet, suggest that most of your co-workers bring dishes that can be served at room temperate to avoid this completely. If your office allows for it, warming trays can also be an option, but can get pricey.

Leftovers will not be scarce. With every co-worker bringing a dish, there will probably be a good amount of food left over. Not to mention, there’s always that one dish that no one wanted to try, so make sure to stock up on extra paper plates, disposable storage containers, tinfoil, and plastic wrap, so that your co-workers can take home the remainders. This also helps the dreaded “clean up” task.

By following some of these simple tips you and your co-workers will feel grateful that your wallets aren’t completely empty and you just hosted an easy party where everyone is involved and comes out feeling like a participant on “Top Chef”.

If this all sounds like too much to manage we have some great holiday party options for companies of all sizes. Take a look and book through our site or give us a call and leave the dirty work to us.


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