National Wine Day Is Coming: Get Your Vino On

There are many reasons to celebrate May. In addition to the promise of sunnier days and warmer weather, the fifth month of the year brings with it beloved holidays like Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and, of course, Cinco de Mayo. But wine lovers have yet another motive for cheering on May’s return. May 25th is National Wine Day, a day set aside specifically to appreciate the delicious fermented beverage that many refer to as the “nectar of the gods.”

National Wine DayNot to be confused with its National Drink Wine Day cousin, which tips a hat to wine’s history and health benefits, National Wine Day is all about sipping and savoring. Wine aficionados are encouraged to commemorate the occasion with an extra glass—or two—of their favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.

And U.S. wine lovers will find themselves with plenty of company as they refill their glasses on the big day. According to the National Association of American Wineries, America leads the world in wine consumption, with annual sales coming close to $35 billion. Per-capita consumption has skyrocketed in recent years, too—from 1.31 gallons annually in 1970 to 2.83 gallons in 2015, the Wine Institute reports.

Considering America’s collective love for wine, the beverage could be perfect centerpiece for your next event. From wine and cheese tastings to multi-course dinners with wine pairings, you’ll find oodles of options from which to choose. Here is a just sprinkling of favorites from some of our markets:

  • In Austin, dig into delectable Italian- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes at CANTINE Italian Cafe & Bar while sipping on perfectly paired wines. Hand-selected by the sleek venue’s wine and beverage director, the vino is sure to tickle your guests’ taste buds.
  • Sip on some deliciously effervescent champagnes while satisfying your sweet tooth with mini-cupcake pairings at Red Bird. The Boston restaurant’s award-winning pastry chef will be on hand to discuss why each pairing goes well together.
  • Host a sophisticated event in Chicago with a champagne and caviar tasting at Vol. 39. Your guests will love the venue’s glamorous Mad Men vibe.
  • In Dallas, sit down to a sumptuous seasonal four-course dinner with wine pairings at Cru Food & Wine Bar. The wine director of this Wine Spectator-awarded hot spot will preface each course with a quick introduction to its complementary glass of vino.
  • Get wild with a wine tasting and animal safari at Los Angeles’ Malibu Wines. Serving up with some of the best wines in Southern California, this winery also boasts a world-class exotic zoo.
  • Learn about fine Tuscan wines with a wine tasting at Wine by the Bay. This modern downtown Miami boutique offers an impressive collection of wine from the most celebrated regions of the world, including rare, hard-to-find labels.
  • Indulge yourself with wine and chocolate pairings at New York City’s 2Beans. The venue’s chocolate authority will lead guests through a tasting of red and white wines selected National Wine Dayto pair perfectly with decadent white, milk and dark chocolate.
  • Celebrate Philly’s rich history with a three-course dinner with wine pairings at Savona. The restaurant’s building traces all the way back to the American Revolution, and its wine cellar is Pennsylvania’s most expansive.
  • Take in some beautiful views of Sonoma’s wine country while enjoying a winery tour at Silver Cloud Vineyard. Guests will also taste some great wines and feast on a three-course gourmet lunch featuring seasonal fare.

To find other great vino-themed events in your neck of the woods, check out Kapow’s experience marketplace. Or contact our event experts, who will help you find the perfect fit for your group.


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