Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl 2015

This upcoming Saturday, October 17 is a super popular and unique event to Minneapolis, the infamous Zombie Pub Crawl. If you’re dying for a good time, join other walking-dead-obsessed, zombie clad folks for this spooktacular event! Calling all zombie lovers, check out more details below and see how you can get involved

What is it?:

The first-ever zombie pub crawl entered the scene in 2005. About 12094877_898961226824799_5416136729266254556_o (1)150 people were in attendance and zombie crawled to 6 different bars in northeast Minneapolis. Since then, this event has changed venues, grown into an absolute spectacle, and in 2012, set the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Largest Gathering of Zombies.” Flash forward to this upcoming event and one can expect an evening that’s deader than ever. Guests will move and groove to the eclectic, 90’s mish-mash of acts, including Girl Talk, Sum 41, Aaron Carter, Soulja Boy, Seven Lions and Jenny from Ace of Base. Guys and ghouls alike can also attack prepared pork brain tacos in the World Brain-Eating contest. Lest not forget the main attraction: the flowing libations that you and your zombie friends will imbibe throughout the evening at several pubs.

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If you’re still trying to make heads, tails or entrails about this spooky sensation, look no further for a fun time. If you’re dead tired of boring events, gather your closest friends and buy your tickets now! Join in on this spooktacular time, quaff a variety of libations with your fellow ghouls and guys and dress in your grungiest zombie attire– you’re in for an evening you’ll never forget!


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