Globetrotting Around San Francisco

Traveling the world tends to be on everyone’s bucket list. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the time to stop everything and flee from the madness of our lives for two months. The next best option? Take a staycation in your own city and eat up the different cuisine it has to offer. Think of it as globetrotting around your city through the unique, one-of-a-kind fare in your neck of the woods. We took a look at the delicious bites from around the world that San Francisco offers—see what interests your palate.


If you can’t sail over to the land of fresh fare and mythical Gods, you might as well head over to Lark for some of the best Mediterranean food on the block. This contemporary yet lively wine bar and eatery boasts mouthwatering burrata crostini topped with olive tapenade among many other scrumptious Mediterranean dishes. Their modern and chic ambiance is the perfect spot to sit back and feast.


Lolo Cevicheria

Too busy to head South of the Border? Visit Lolo Cevicheria for the Mexican cuisine that your taste buds have been craving. Their creative take on Mexican favorites will surely make you feel like you’re sitting on the beach taking in views of the Gulf. Their vibrant space, exceptional eats and refreshing margaritas are just the way to make your day a little brighter.


Osha Thai

Trek over to Osha Thai for all the Thai classics your palate has been craving. Their dynamic digs transport guests to the sprawling city of Bangkok even with the Bay Bridge just yards away. From Pad Thai to Vegetarian Crispy Rolls, this favorite is just the place to delight all in search for authentic Thai fare.


Namu Gaji

Instead of taking a 14 hour plane ride, go on over to Namu Gaji for a real Korean food experience. Using Korean culinary traditions, this hip eatery churns out innovative dishes using fresh, locally sourced bites. Feast on some traditional Bo Ssäm served with ssam jang, a classic Korean spicy paste.

banner_28_13_1Throw a rock down the rolling hills of San Francisco and you’re bound to find some type of eatery that will expand your cultural horizon. Nothing is better than leaving your comfort zone and trying a new restaurant with cuisine from halfway across the globe.


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