2017 Fall Food and Beverage Trends

It feels like just yesterday we were having the highly anticipated “best summer events” conversation, but here we are again with October creeping up and a list of amazing fall-inspired events to wow your clients. Don’t worry, we know pumpkin spiced lattes and bobbing for apples won’t make the cut, which is why our event tastemakers ventured out to assemble some great, out-of-the-box options.

Flavorful global fare

As the weather cools, it’s always a good idea to kick up the flavors in your food and explore some dishes from around the world. Throughout the U.S., new Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants are popping up faster than the leaves are falling, but no complaints here….just helps us provide you with even better, more authentic choices.

  • In Seattle, check out Giron Steakhouse & Ssam Bar. A Korean favorite in the Pioneer Square area, Giron Steakhouse & Ssam Bar warms guests up with a traditional coursed dinner filled with housemade sake and ssam-style small plates.
  • Or explore the flavors of Austin’s G’Raj Mahal Cafe. From Vindaloo to Kashmiri, the flavors and textures that comprise this private dinner will make every diner an Indian cuisine fanatic. We’re hungry just thinking about it.
  • Nothing says cooler weather like dumplings, and at this event at Mei Mei in Boston, you’ll learn how to make them at home! Guess we know what you’ll be eating for the next few months.

Whiskey, naturally

Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s the oaky flavors. We have yet to decide, but it goes without saying that whiskey will always be a fall favorite. Easily paired with food, and ranging in color and flavor, this spirit is a wonderful focus for any corporate event in need of some fall flair.

  • New to the Denver restaurant scene, but already a local favorite, Element Kitchen & Cocktail teamed up with Kapow to produce a bacon and bourbon tasting perfect for post-work relaxing.
  • The whiskey never stops flowing at Bosscat Kitchen and Libations in Houston! Complete with a whiskey tasting in the Whiskey Room and a whiskey-based cocktail class, this reception is the perfect mix of fun and facts. When taking a break from the booze, guests can dig into the variety of appetizers.  
  • Treat guests to a quaint Southern-inspired evening at Twisted Tail, Philadelphia’s favorite location for nose to tail feats and whiskey. The evening will start with a drink and savory meats and conclude with a variety of whiskies that will turn every guest into a fan.

Tech times

Holding the attention of guests can often be a difficult feat, especially when the days start to get shorter and clients are eager to get home. However, this fall is placing a lot of focus on technology and advancements throughout the year–which, coincidentally, is a very easy way to impress attendees.

  • As the only museum in the Southeast U.S. dedicated to design, MODA is a must see in the Midtown Atlanta area. With a highly educated staff and beautifully curated exhibits, guests will love exploring when they are not working with the 3D technician to assemble their own piece.
  • Located in the heart of River North and boasting trendy decor, The 3D Printer Experience is the perfect place to learn the ins and outs of 3D technology. After exploring a variety of techniques and participating in the themed game show, the party will be able to create their own 3D object, complete with a company logo!  
  • There’s no better way to end the day than with a visit inside a start-of-the-art virtual reality truck! Whether you’re hosting an event in-office, at your local watering hole or as a part of a larger company holiday party, Exit Reality will travel to you and transform your outing from average to unreal.

Whether you want to travel around the world from the end of your fork or inside a virtual reality truck, Kapow has you covered from coast to coast. With numerous fall options in all of our markets and an account team to help with any custom needs, we can promise to deliver a corporate activity that will help people forget about their end-of-summer sadness and embrace the end 2017.


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