Our 6 Favorite High-End Dinners

Entry level or C-suite, 20-something or 40-something, every hard-working adult enjoys an upscale dinner where they can explore new flavors or enjoy a coveted classic. Hosting an upscale meal allows guests to try something they might not experience otherwise and leaves a lasting impression.

To help you close deals and nurture valuable relationships, Kapow has packaged up numerous fine-dining experiences across the United States. Take a look at some of our favorites below, or peruse Kapow’s website for a variety of dinner options. Family, coursed, stationed—you name it, we’ve got it!

Farm-to-table dinner at Dolce Vita

This farm-to-table dinner is nothing short of perfection! Complete with round-trip transportation, a chef meet and greet and a wine-bottle takeaway, attendees will leave impressed that you were able to produce such an intricate—and delicious—affair.

Oyster shucking dinner at Herringbone

This eight-course dinner was designed to highlight the best of the ocean and the field. A beautifully choreographed dance between meat and seafood, the menu at Herringbone is a treat for LA foodies looking to escape to the shore for an upscale experience in a trendy open-concept kitchen.

Family-style dinner at Kensington Quarters

It’s always a good idea to start dinner with a crisp premium cocktail followed shortly by a lengthy list of acclaimed hors d’oeuvres made from locally sourced ingredients. Finish the evening off with house-perfected pasta, entrées and desserts, and you have the perfect corporate dinner. And, to set themselves apart from the rest, Kensington Quarters has banished stuffy design and replaced it with industrial chic fixtures.

Chef Tasting dinner at Davio’s

Acclaimed as one of the best steak houses in Atlanta, Davio’s doesn’t allow for any detail to slip through the cracks. Excitement will bubble as guests start the evening with a meet and greet with the charismatic chef, then transition into a beautifully prepared northern Italian feast with sommelier-selected wine pairings. Word on the street is that the homemade pappardelle cannot be missed!

Palate-changing dinner at The James Beard Foundation

Intimate and rare, an evening at The James Beard Foundation inspires attendees with new mouthwatering flavors, rich stories into the history of the James Beard awards and quality conversation with a highly trained chef. The James Beard Foundation showcases the talent and creativity of the American champion of cuisine, James Beard, and works to impress all attendees through expertly curated courses and wine pairings.

Buyout dinner at Counter 3. Five. VII

Watch the magic happen with a 5-course chef-presented dinner prepared before your eyes. Known throughout Austin as a hot spot for chef meet-ups and gatherings, Counter 3. Five. VII strives to highlight the process and expertise that is required for fine dining. With private use of the venue, you won’t have any interruptions while you entertain your clients, enjoy sommelier-selected wines and learn a thing or two from the accredited chef.

With all this gourmet dinner talk we hope you’re hungry and ready to book a corporate event that will leave your guests full and impressed. Find your desired city, filter down to dinners and book with a few clicks. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Reach out to Kapow Customer Success or your Kapow Account Manager and we’ll get some options together that will turn your clients and colleagues into well-versed food connoisseurs.


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