Benefits Of Digital Swag Bags For Work-From-Home Events

We’re all missing in-person events as we take Zoom calls from our couches and heat up another pot of coffee. One thing we’re not missing, however, is the switch from the traditional branded tchotchkes to more elegant digital swag bags. Everyone attends at least one conference where this happens. You’re handed a bag and know what’s going to be in it before you open it. Digital swag bags cut down on waste, provide personalized, thoughtful touch points for attendees and save your guests from setting aside the one or two cool items to save while relegating the pens, lanyard, magnets and keychain to the “toss” pile. Brands have been going digital for a while, it’s true. But the current moment should provide ample motivation to make the switch yourself. Check out some of the benefits below.

How digital swag bags work

Digital swag bags are a great alternative for event hosts looking to engage tech-friendly and environmentally-conscious attendees. In addition, the current moment has put the kibosh on most large-scale gatherings until Q4 at least, which is where most guests are likely to pick up swag bags. A digital swag bag by contrast goes to your event attendees via text, email, app or site link. Even though virtual events won’t rule the scene forever, there’s a lot of benefit to going digital. For one, your guests won’t have to lug a bag around your conference. As well, you can fill a digital bag with discount codes, free offers, contests and more run by event hosts or sponsors.

Benefit 1: no more waste

One of the biggest advantages of the digital swag bag is a fairly obvious one. Hosts and guests no longer have to deal with the hassle of transporting, carrying and assembling…a bag. Plus, when guests inevitably throw away items in their bag, the result is unfortunate for the event staff and the sponsors that wasted money on an item that ultimately ends up in the trash, but also for our planet. With a digital swag bag, you’re not creating any waste. Guests don’t need to worry about traveling home with a bunch of tchotchkes and events hosts don’t need to worry about the logistics of ordering, shipping and assembling the bags. Everybody wins!

In addition, with in-person events on furlough for right now, a digital swag bag is one of your only options for outreach and more.

Benefit 2: digital swag bags provide reams of trackable data

Another major advantage of moving swag bags online is the lead generation and analytics opportunities they offer the sponsors and hosts. The promotions in the swag bag take attendees directly to the sponsor’s site. This brings them directly to the point of purchase with an offer—there’s nothing more compelling. Oftentimes, to redeem the rewards or gift, the attendee needs to enter their email address and information. This means event hosts and sponsors then have access to this information to better connect with guests after the event.

Because the attendees interact with the swag bag online, event hosts and sponsors can get valuable data about those interactions. Tools like Virtual Event Bags and swagup include reporting dashboards that show which offer codes and coupons were used most, when and how often the digital bag was opened and what was purchased with the offers.

Benefit 3: you can keep it personal

Though swag bags may be going digital, that doesn’t mean they lack a personal touch. Hosts still create the bag and customize it for theme and venue. You control what’s in the bag, it’s position and the content it comes with to your attendees. The messaging can be customized, and in the case of virtual gift cards, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to giving a personalized and beneficial gift. Even better, a digital swag bag can be anything from a charitable giving aspect to a work-from-home survival package. They’re thoughtful, customizable and help you pinpoint exactly what you’re trying to say.

Going digital with branded swag can help put the thoughtfulness back into the equation of giving your guests a take home. It’s not just about giving your attendees something to remember you by, it’s about giving them something worth remembering in the first place.

Need more ideas? We’re chock full of them on the Kapow virtual events landing page. You can also get in touch with Kapow’s event experts now to book virtual social events above or receive additional options that are certain to delight. Be certain to check back frequently for more marketing tips, tricks and strategies as we navigate these new times together.


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