Corporate Event Trend: Digital Swag Bags

October 31, 2016 | Posted in Event Tips, News

You walk into a conference, are handed a swag bag and before you even open it, you know what’s inside: a waterbottle, pens, lanyards, magnets and a keychain. There may be one or two cool items that go in the “save” pile, but the rest goes right into the trash. Over the last year or two, we’ve seen a movement away from the traditional swag bag towards a more modern option—the digital swag bag.

How it works

Digital swag bags are a great alternative for event hosts looking to engage tech- and environmentally friendly attendees. Rather than carrying a cumbersome bag throughout the event, attendees will receive a digital swag bag via text, email, an app or a link on your site. They need to carry nothing more than a smartphone to cash in on great offers from event hosts and sponsors. The digital swag bag is filled with discount codes, free offers or contests run by the host or sponsors.

No more waste

One of the biggest advantages of the digital swag bag is a fairly obvious one—hosts and guests no longer have to deal with the hassle of transporting, carrying and assembling (or disassembling) a physical bag. When guests throw away items in their bag, the result is unfortunate for the environment, the event staff and the sponsors that wasted money on an item that ultimately ends up in the trash. With a digital swag bag, nothing gets discarded. Guests don’t need to worry about traveling home with a bunch of tchotchkes and events hosts don’t need to worry about the logistics of ordering, shipping and assembling the bags. 

Trackable data

Another major advantage of moving swag bags online is that they offer lead gen and analytics opportunities to the sponsors and host. The promotions in the swag bag take attendees directly to the sponsor’s site—and there’s nothing more compelling than bringing them directly to the point of purchase with an offer.

Often times, to redeem the rewards or gift, the attendee needs to enter their email address and information. Event hosts and sponsors then have access to this information to better connect with guests after the event.

Because the attendees interact with the swag bag online, event hosts and sponsors can get valuable data about those interactions. Tools like Virtual Event Bags and eventbaxx include reporting dashboards that show which offer codes and coupons were used most, when and how often the digital bag was opened and what was purchased with the offers.

Keeping it personal

Though swag bags may be going digital, that doesn’t mean they lack a personal touch. Each bag is still created by event hosts, and customized for the event theme and venue. You’ll have full control over what’s in the bag, how it’s positioned with other content and when it’s delivered to attendees. The messaging can be customized depending on when it’s sent, whether it’s: “Here’s what you can look forward to seeing” or “Thanks for coming—here’s a thank you!” And after looking at the data, you can deliver more customized and relevant promotions and content depending on what gets viewed and used the most.

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