7 Ways to Engage Event Attendees

Your date is secured, the menu is set and you have a guest list. Then what? Make the most out of your time and investment by engaging your attendees in the right way below. Whether you’re using some of these tips or focused on one or two…they will bring you well on your way to engaging attendees!


1. Get hands-on.

Steer clear of your standard happy hour and bring some hands-on action into your next event. You’ll avoid forcing conversations about fido and can laugh and bond over trying to toss a pizza or roll sushi.

2. Connect them with other like-minded attendees.

If your bringing a group of your clients together that don’t know each other, help them forge a connection. As the host you don’t have time to dedicate your conversation to one person for the duration of the event, but you still want them to enjoy it. If you connect them with other people they’ll be more comfortable and it can expand their network for other business opportunities.

3. Ask questions.

Make sure to ask plenty of questions to keep your attendees engaged (this is especially important at happy hours and events without activities). Review your attendees before the event to recall and follow-up on past conversations.

4. Get social.

Bring social media into the mix. Ask your attendees to share, post or tweet pictures from the event so you get them talking about your experience. This provides another way to stay engaged with them after the event.

5. Play games or do an activity.

If you are hosting a standard happy hour, bring something else in to add to the fun. One example is to bring games like bags and giant jenga. Another fun example that adds an entirely new element to an event is bringing in a comedy group to do an improv class.

6. Have a competition.

Adding some friendly competition to an event can bring excitement and create buzz and conversation. Even better, you can include a giveaway for the competition.

7. Learn something new.

Let’s give them something to talk about! Tastings are a great way to engage your group. Everyone can give their input on whether or not they liked a certain whisky…or share stories about a trip they took wine tasting in Italy. A focused tasting or theme will stimulate conversation.


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