Score Big at the Pregame with these Tailgating Tips and Tricks

Autumn is in full swing, meaning America’s favorite pastime is well under way: football. Fanatics across the nation have been anxiously awaiting this beloved season to bust out their jerseys, cheer on, and even worship, their team again. With every anticipated game comes a pregame ritual that graces the presence of stadiums across the country: the tailgate. What’s a good pregame party without all the necessities? Back in the day, the pregame was a mere gathering of comrades with a simple portable grill and cooler with their favorite brews. Now, tailgating is quite the spectacle to behold. Check out these tailgating tips and tricks below to score big with your guests.

  1. dynamo_tr_and_tent_front_view_2_1Location, Location, Location

The best spot for your tailgate isn’t hard to find. Keep these key tips in mind next time you’re selecting the spot you want to claim as your gameday home.

  • Scope out the perfect lot spot that’s large enough for your full setup. This spot should span far enough to allow guests to indulge on grilled favorites, imbibe refreshing beverages and host an array of games, such as Cornhole—or bags depending on where you’re from.
  • Convenience to the stadium is also key. You don’t want a long walk to—and more importantly from—the stadium. But you also want to make sure leaving the parking lot isn’t too difficult. Try to find a spot that’s located near the stadium with easy access to the exit. To avoid the hassle of seeking out friends conveniently located at their “grey truck,” tie distinct balloons, flags or fun sports memorabilia to your tent or car so friends can easily find you and partake in the collective celebration.


  1.  Build your own __ Bar

Sure, you can stick to the basics and thoroughly enjoy yourself with a cold brew or red Solo cup of wine in hand. But for an ultra accommodating, fun-filled time, wow your guests
with a greater selection of beverages.

  • Customize your own build-your-own-bloody bar, fully equipped with an assortment of favorite fixin’s. Celery stalks are the go-to garnish, but curate surprising touches like bacon, mozzarella, shrimp and skewered pickled vegetables.
  • For attendees not so keen on Bloody Marys, offer alternatives like mimosas or bellinis. Personalize this drink with equally enticing additions like like lemonade, mango or grapefruit juice and berry garnishes.


3 . DIY Toppings

Tailgating and grilling go together, like a hotdog and a bun. Speaking of which, consider offering a DIY toppings bar so attendees can customize their hotdogs, burgers and other
grilled favorites to ensure guests are completely satisfied.

  • Slice and dice the necessities ahead of time to make sure you have enough time to prepare the spread the morning of.
  • Fill an empty six-pack holder with your favorite hot sauces and condiments that’ll perfectly garnish each and every savory, grilled bite.
  • Don’t forget to share. No one likes a bacon-gouda-red-onion-mayo-roasted-red-pepper hoarder!

While these tips and tricks will come in handy as you host your own pregame, at Kapow we take away the fuss of planning and prepping through our ultimate tailgate experiences in Dallas, Boston and Houston. Every event with Kapow is hassle free and equipped with VIP facilities and amenities, so you can fully partake in the pregame festivities and let loose with your guests. We’ve got your back so you can score with your clients.



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