Resources for Guest Safety and Security

Planning around your guests’ safety and security is quickly becoming a top priority for event planners. Hackers can exploit everything from WiFi to lax event security, putting you and your event attendees’ data at risk. Although it’s not the most fun part of event planning, it’s crucial for ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Preparation goes a long way towards making your guests feel safe and welcomed, and can help avoid data theft or a potential breach of security.

Keep the size of your event manageable for effective guest safety

Big groups can lead to even bigger pitfalls when it comes to event security. The combination of Germany’s Hannover Messe 2018 industrial technology show and the biannual CeMAT logistics and materials handling show will cause an influx of 220,000 individuals to Hanover. Logistically, this will present a huge challenge for the event, which will fill 4.3 million square feet of space.

Although you probably won’t be planning for an event that big, it’s helpful to know how thinly stretched your resources will be when planning one. When it comes to security, your number one priority should be ensuring that you’re more than adequately prepared to handle your current attendance before you consider expanding.

Consider traditional methods of security as well

As our technology becomes more advanced, it can feel like we’re going to devise away a lot of security issues through apps and machine learning. And to be sure, there’s a burgeoning market for facial recognition technology and radio frequency-identification (RFID) technology. However, these technologies aren’t yet perfected and with recent data breaches and an increase in attacks on private citizens in public spaces, you won’t want to neglect old school boots-on-the-ground security either. 

Event safety and security is a shared responsibility of suppliers and event hosts. Both should coordinate safety protocols and have written contingency plans including how to work with local agencies in case of emergency. 

How Kapow puts the focus on guest safety

If you’re looking to bone up on event safety, we’ve got an entire subsection over at Kapow with best practices to keep in mind when coordinating travel and event check-ins for your guests. In addition, Kapow provides the following services for your event:

  • Invitation platform and digital guestbook used for event registration is protected by the latest data security standards
  • Detailed run of show including events, flights and accommodations distributed both onsite and to host organizations offsite, so that hosts are always fully informed of guest and employee locations and planned itinerary
  • Reliable reaccommodation in the case of air or ground travel cancellations or hotel issues

Kapow also provides fully customizable events through our Platinum events program, so once you’ve beefed up your cyber security and guest safety knowledge, you’re free to let us help you get the party started.



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