The Number #1 Reason Why People Attend Events

IMG_3407A study from the Event Marketing Institute showed the number one thing that creates engagement at events are free giveaways. While we would all love to think it’s our charm and wit that people come for, it’s not always the case. Knowing this is the first step. The next step is finding a giveaway compelling enough to engage your attendees. Below we highlighted some tips on how to choose a great giveaway for your next event.

Think about your audience. The best things to give away are items that people want to buy, but won’t splurge on it for themselves. Boutique and designer items like jeans, high-end sunglasses and custom bags usually serve as a great incentive for attendance.

Keep it relevant. Tie your giveaway into the event or your brand. For example, one of our clients hosted a Scotch Whisky tasting for their clients and raffled off a $400 bottle of whisky. This giveaway was relevant to the event and appealed to the group who just sampled the high-end drinks.

Make it useful. You’ll want to make sure that people will use the item after the giveaway. A useful item serves as a reminder after the event. Another good trick is to give something away that the winner can share with a friend or spouse. Things are better when you can share! This also makes for great word of mouth opportunities.

Make it memorable. Giveaways should go above and beyond the usual swag items like pens or other promotional items. While these items may be useful, they’re not as memorable. The designer items that we mentioned will leave a lasting impression. Think about it – you take a client to an event where they get fitted for a perfect pair of jeans. Every time they put those jeans on they think of you. If a friend asks them where they got the jeans? You again. Now that is memorable.

Decide how to do the giveaway. If you’re trying to gather contacts, do a fishbowl with business cards. Want to fire up some competition? Position the item as a prize and do a few different giveaways. A great opportunity for this that ties into the event is giveaways with a March Madness package. As part of this package, we give prizes throughout the games based on people’s picks.

Follow-up. After the event, follow-up with your attendees to get some feedback. Ask for feedback about the giveaway so you can adjust or improve it for next time!

Apply these tips to your next event giveaway and entice people to attend! Are we forgetting anything? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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