Measuring Event Success Part 2: The Best Event Planning and Tracking Tools

We recently walked through various ways to measure event success and determine event goals. In doing so, we mentioned several tools that we use at Kapow to help track and evaluate event data. Here, we’ll go over those tools in detail to show how you can use them to help measure event ROI and better track your clients, prospects and pipeline.


We start by creating a campaign in Salesforce and attaching all guests, emails, communications and opportunities to that campaign. It’s important to expand the campaign beyond the day of the event. The effects of your event might not be fully realized until several months after the event date, so we recommend setting your campaign end date to encompass your entire purchase cycle.

Once the campaign is set up, and prospects and leads are attached, you can then export your data to use in a variety of other tools, including those listed below. Salesforce, along with other tools like Pardot and Kapow’s invitations platform, will allow you to monitor all engagement with clients and prospects as well as any opportunities or purchases associated with the event. Any post-event purchases made by anyone associated with your event campaign will be attributed, directly or as an influencer, to your event.


One excellent email communication tool is Pardot, which syncs with Salesforce to share prospect data. Pardot is a tool that allows you to easily connect with a larger audience base with minimal effort. You can send mass emails and track engagement data in a few clicks. It also monitors prospect engagement with your site and gives each prospect a score per your scoring model. For instance, in Pardot, you can see who received your email, who opened the email, who clicked on the email and what action was taken on your website or event landing page after clicking on the email. This is your first sign of engagement and interest in your event—and your brand.


Datahug is a pipeline management tool (Salesforce add-on) that measures customer engagement to help prioritize customer opportunities. Datahug tracks one-on-one communication between your sales team and your clients or prospects. Like Pardot, Datahug also gives your clients and prospects a score based on the number of one-to-one emails sent and received from your individual email account, the number of meetings scheduled and the pipeline that is created as a result of the event (among other factors). This information can be used to help prioritize highly engaged customers that may be farther along in the sales cycle. Inviting a highly engaged prospect (with a high Datahug score) to an event is a great way to close business.

Kapow tools

For guest list management, we use our free, in-house tools. Our customizable invitations, RSVP platform, check-in and post-event surveys integrate with Salesforce, allowing us to see who received an invitation, RSVPed and actually attended the event. After the event, all data can be imported back into Salesforce for more in-depth tracking of post-event purchases.

For each tool, it’s important to track post-event scores and data for both attendees and non-attendees. If you see a score spike for someone who opens or interacts with your event invitation, but doesn’t attend your event, the event and associated marketing was likely an influencer in the decision to reconnect with you brand.

Now that you’ve got the right tools in your back pocket, get started planning your event. Browse events in cities across the country and be sure to collect and track event data to prove to your boss that the event was a hit.


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