Keepin’ It Classy: The Best Party Favors Out There

With summer coming to its sweet end (we’re crying just thinking about it), what is a host supposed to give guests to commemorate the wonderful time they had? Here are a few ideas for fantastic party favors – or goody bags – that will help round out the final glorious weeks of summer, and to ensure the party is remembered long after guests go home.

Everyone’s a Winner

Depending on how large your group is, give each person a scratch-off lottery ticket in a decorated envelope. Who doesn’t love the thrill of using a penny to see if they won $0, $4 or $500,000?

Get Sparklyblog1

A fun way to end the summer is with sparklers! Celebrate your guests and give everyone a box of these glittery goodies. Add  a box of personalized matches for a sure fire (ha) win.

Party Tunes

Yes, CD’s are becoming obsolete, but people still love to receive a compilation of your favorite tunes, personalized or not, burned to a disc for their cars. The extra thought is sure to be treasured for months after the event.

Boozy Buys

A small rye whiskey or bourbon bottle from boutique distilleries wrapped in a ribbon is a great way to thank your guests for attending.

blog2Keep it Shady

Everyone goes nuts when they get a pair of free sunglasses. Throw in this special giveaway and your guests will look cool while remembering you and the awesome time they had.

Roll on Down

Labor Day picnics are coming up, meaning everyone will need a rolling cooler to store their libations in the heat of the weekend. These are wonderfully thoughtful party favors that will last for years.

Turn Up the Beat

If your guests are music lovers, treat them to bluetooth speakers or headphones. They’ll love the chance to listen to their music in a different way and can be used in the last few weeks of beach, picnic and BBQ season.blog3

Remember to Hydrate

Camelback water bottles are fantastic gifts and will always be appreciated by one and all. Depending on how large the group, personalize the bottle with the company’s logo.

Party favors are a simple way of telling your guests that you appreciate them and their business. It’s a way to thank them for attending your event and send them off with a little something to remember the spectacular time they had. Keep summer alive by choosing a few of our giveaway ideas your guests won’t forget it.



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