Incorporate Event Data into your CRM with Kapow’s Invitations Platform

When you’re booking an event for client entertainment, you have three primary “jobs” to accomplish:

  1. You need to get the right people to your event
  2. You need to ensure your event is successful
  3. You need to measure the results of your event
If you’ve booked an event at one of the venues in the Kapow Partner Network, you’re already off to a good start. Plus, you’ll have access to Kapow’s knowledgeable staff, and tools that enable you to get all of your questions answered about the event.
Next up, the challenge of making sure people show up for the event. This is particularly critical when it comes to client entertainment. Luckily, Kapow’s platform is specifically tailored to help professionals throughout the entire event planning process. Kapow’s brand new flexible invitation management platform allows you to manage your event invitations and guests in three different ways. Each of these flexible invitation management methods allows you to have the control over your event from beginning to end. No matter the method, each is free to use when you book your event with Kapow. 
Check it out:
  • Full invitation platform – This is the whole ball of wax including: invitation creation, invitation scheduling, automated sending and reminders, guest management, event check in and post-event surveys.
  • RSVP webpage – This allows you to use your own invitations and include a link to a customized RSVP landing webpage, where you can gather RSVP’s, send automated emails and reminders, check-in guests at your event and send post-event surveys.
  • Upload guests and check in – Here, you can use another invitation platform, but manage guests and check them in on the day of the event with Kapow.
Last, but certainly not least, is measuring the results of your event. Regardless of the method you choose to manage your invitations, you need to be able to understand how successful your event was. By many accounts, booking with Kapow has given you a leg up on the competition. You know what puts you over the top? DATA!
By capturing information about your guests through the invitation management process, you’ve set yourself up to be able to pull this data out effectively. For each event, Kapow’s platform allows you to export the results in a standard .CSV file format for easy data review and filtering, as well as importing back into your CRM if desired. In addition, each event can have a unique “external event ID” tied to it. So if you want to track the ID of the event based on a campaign you are doing in your CRM system, you can do that. Each individual event attendee can also have an associated “external attendee ID”. What this means is you can track the Contact ID from your CRM system and when you pull data out, you’ve got granular information at the contact level which can be imported back into your CRM.
All in all, the new Flexible Invite Management platform from Kapow is a huge win in helping you put on a successful event. The tools are all available for free when you book an event directly with Kapow. You can’t get this comprehensive set of services and features anywhere else.
Interested in adding more Analytics capabilities beyond what was mentioned above? Check out the Kapow Professional Platform, which provides additional event insights and gives you visibility into events across your portfolio, allows you to analyze multiple event trends and gives you the ability to set and management policies and groups for your entire company.


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