How to Get an Unfair Amount of Face Time with Clients

It’s no secret that closing sales starts with building meaningful relationships with your clients. That makes quality face time with new and existing clients more critical than ever. In today’s ultra-competitive, fast-paced corporate environment, getting beyond emails and phone calls can be an uphill battle. Unique corporate events are often the solution, giving you an unfair amount of face time with your clients. Here are a few key event traits to look for when booking an event that will attract guests, help build relationships and ultimately lead to ROI.

Look for one-of-a kind appeal

Potential new clients might find it easy turn down an invite to a boring business lunch. On the other hand, they’re likely to jump at the chance to compete in a friendly culinary competition or get fitted for new, free Nike fitness gear while sipping cocktails. A unique event can be the draw that not only differentiates your company, but also leads to that initial, ever-so-important face time. Check out these award-winning, unique events that are sure to get clients in the door.

Keep things relaxed

In an atmosphere that’s free from work-related distractions, everyone can let their hair down and have some fun. Corporate events allow you to show your—and your company’s—personality in a casual environment. Hosting an in-office meeting can result in stiff conversation. You have a better chance of connecting at a whiskey tasting or wine pairing event. Or you may bond over a shared interest like luxury sports cars. As you mix and mingle during a high-quality corporate event, you will also take the first steps toward building a critical personal relationship.

Show your appreciation

Existing clients want to feel valued. When they do feel appreciated, they are more likely to recommend your company to others and stick with you even through bad times. Treating them to fun corporate event can go a long way to show your appreciation of their business, nurture your relationship and build trust. Better yet, send clients home with a great luxury item like sunglasses, a new tie or premium-quality cookware so they think of you and your great event every time they use it. And since an event and a luxury item might get pricey, merge the two ideas with a retail event.

Make it memorable

BatsuFrom city-wide scavenger hunts to indoor skydiving, corporate events are designed to be unforgettable experiences capped off with special touches such as delicious bites and cocktails. When you host an interactive Japanese game show event or DJ spinning class, your clients are sure to remember the experience—and you—long after the event is over. And that really gives you an edge over competitors.

Get more time to engage

When you book a corporate event on kapow.com, you’ll spend less time sweating the event’s details and more time building those all-important relationships. Kapow’s curated marketplace allows you to find and book an event in just a few clicks. Plus, every time you book with Kapow, you’ll have access to free invitations, a digital check-in platform and ROI tracking tools that allow you to focus all your time and energy on building relationships with your clients. 

So, whether you’re trying to win over a new client or build your business with an existing one, you’ll want to consider booking a fun-packed corporate event. Such an event could be invaluable in building the strong, long-lasting relationships you need to succeed.


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