Foods to Avoid Serving at Your Outdoor Summer Event

Summer means more than baby blue skies, bucket hats and beautiful weather. It means more opportunities to entertain guests at an active, outdoor event. When enjoying the great outdoors, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your chow. Whether you’re boating on a scenic lakefront or playing throughBJN7 eighteen holes, here are some rockin’ tips for summer food.

Complicated Cuisine

In order to focus more on the activity itself, the food should be satisfying yet simple. The number one takeaway is quality time with your clients, so less is more on the food front. Hors d’oeuvres that can be easily eaten in one bite, like mini meatballs, will score at any event.

The Messy and the Melty

Certain foods can melt and make a mess, especially if your event is in the sun. Instead of desserts that are prone to melting (like ice cream or chocolate) it’s better to have something sweet that won’t lose its attraction after some sun exposure (like fresh fruit). The last thing you want is a sticky handshake, so it’s best to avoid a melty mess.

Fresh fruits salad on white background

Heavy Comfort Food

Not that we don’t enjoy steaming chicken pot pie or creamy mac n’ cheese, but we get enough of that in the winter. Because many people watch their diet closely during the warmer months, lighter (but still delicious) cuisine helps maintain a fresh summer vibe and will give your guests an excuse to go for seconds.

Out of Season Snacks

Although you can enjoy practically any produce year-round, coming across fresh, organic options can be a challenge. However, when the time comes to break out your Hawaiian shirt, more juicy fruits and rich vegetables come out to play as well. Many restaurants are committed to using locally grown produce and take advantage of it while they can. Fresh, seasonal goods will not only support local farmers, but they taste better too.

Now that you’ve got these basics, keep them in mind when choosing your next event. Knowing that your food is good to go, all you need to focus on are your guests (and that’s the way it should be). Want to test out these tips? Find an event in your area!



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