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Not only are retail events quickly becoming one of Kapow’s most popular event types, but they are ideal for planning events across multiple markets. For sales managers responsible for overseeing dozens of events across the country, it can be challenging to ensure you’re delivering a consistent experience for all guests. It’s also a challenge to ensure offices across the country are delivering a meaningful experience at similar price points. For example, you’re not likely to have an easy time planning the same dinner or interactive event across the country. That’s where retail events come in.

Built-in quality control

Kapow’s National Retail Program features nationwide retail partners that we’ve worked with to create catered, in-store shopping events that are executed in hundreds of locations across the country. This allows the same event to occur in a dozen cities at the same time, ensuring consistency and quality from one experience to another. The program works in the same way to our national partnerships with restaurant and entertainment groups like Dave & Buster’s.

Aside from the great food and beverages provided at our retail experiences, guests are given a gift card to shop with on the night of the event. Not surprisingly, this increases event attendance. While your client might be able to turn down a free drink, they’re not likely going to give up a free pair of $200 designer sunglasses. 

While advantageous for all event programs, our National Retail Program events become especially useful when trying to incorporate a campaign theme to your nationwide events. Because you’ll be working with a national chain, you can ensure consistent takeaways and work to incorporate your branding or event theme in stores across the country. If you’re kicking off a new health initiative, hook your guests up with some new fitness gear at Under Armour. If you’re looking to reward top sales performers or top clients, treat them to a new backpack or messenger bag at Timbuk2. If you’re look to launch a new product, you can take advantage of your guests’ shopping mentality and showcase the new products or platforms in the event space. When guests are getting a big-ticket item for free, they may be more willing to listen to your pitch. And because guest might be waiting around for their fitting or consultation, you’re given an open window where you have their time and attention.

Ideal for building relationships

TOMSRetail events are also perfect for building meaningful relationships. These events tend to be longer and smaller in size, so you’ll extend the time you spend with each client as they browse the store for a brand new pair of designer sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, choose their new pair of TOMS kicks, or wait for their custom fitting with the pros at J.Crew. At the end of the event, guests will walk away with a tangible item that will remind them of you and your brand. In some instances, a customized item will need to be picked up and delivered a few days later by the event host, giving you another touchpoint with your clients.

Because all experiences in our National Retail Program are pre-packaged by the Kapow experts, all experiences across the country are guaranteed to have the same quality takeaway. And if one of the host cities is without a Nike store, the experts at Kapow can help you source the same experience at a similar venue, like Road Runner Sports or TOMS

Boost attendance in small or mid-sized markets

Timbuk2Managing client and prospective client relationships in small and mid-sized markets where venue options are limited can pose challenges when coming up with new and exciting experiences. While there’s no shortage of event spaces in New York, Chicago or L.A., some small to mid-sized markets may have fewer bars, restaurants and event venues to choose from. And because your clients are constantly receiving event invites, they’ve probably been to the all the best places enough times that they have the menu memorized. Retail events offer a unique experience that’s sure to get people in the door and leave a lasting impression. Plus, you can rest assured that your clients in smaller and mid-sized markets will get the same experience and VIP treatment as those in the bigger cities.

To get started booking your retail events, check out events in our National Retail Program. If you’re not finding the perfect event or if you need to book in locations not on our site, contact us and one of our event representatives will help you out.


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