The Power of Customer Retention Infographic

March 22, 2013 | Posted in Event Tips, Infographics

According to the Harvard Business Review the average American business loses 50% of its customers every five years with two-thirds of them citing inadequate customer care as their primary reason for leaving. Additionally, 91% of small businesses do nothing to retain their existing clients.

Those are some astonishing statistics!

Another study says that, “73% of customers leave because they are dissatisfied with customer service, but the company losing the customer thinks only 21% leave because of customer service. The company losing the customer thinks 48% leave because of price, when in fact only 25% do so.” It’s easier to rationalize a customers’ decision to leave by blaming it on cost but often times it’s because we didn’t tend to our client relationships enough.

Love your clients

That’s exactly where we help you! We provide solutions and options for everything in client entertainment so that your clients and customers know how much their business means to you and your company. It’s important to love your clients and as you can see from the infographic below, the investment in customer retention will pay off.

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Customer and client acquisition: Love your clients

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