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Party like it’s April 16th! We know the 1040EZ isn’t ePost-tax-season partyasy, but booking your “end-of-the-tax-season” party with Kapow is. Kapow makes it easy for busy professionals to find and book corporate events at no additional cost. Browse through unique happy hours, dinners and interactive events in your city on Kapow’s site. Once you find the perfect event for your team, book it in a few clicks.

Check out these fun ideas for a post-tax-season party. Your team will appreciate the night on the town, and it gives them something to look forward to while they’re burning the midnight oil. 

Private dinner at Chicago’s Restaurant of the Year

Treat your team to a dinner at Blackbird, which recently received the 2017 Jean Banchet Award for Restaurant of the Year. Blackbird is home to James Beard Award-winning chef, Paul Kahan, along with Chef de Cuisine Ryan Pfeiffer, who work in tandem to craft elegant and imaginative Midwestern cuisine.

Barrel-aged spirit tasting at Laguna Beach

This industrial-chic hotspot is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Laguna Beach. Three Seventy Common Kitchen + Drink features a French Oak barrel-aged spirit program unique to the area. Each mini barrel is purchased straight from Kentucky and infused with spirits such as tequila and vodka right on premises. Guests will sample the spirits, which will be perfectly paired with locally sourced bites.

Gin 102 event in NYC

Host a boisterous gin-inspired happy hour on the mezzanine at Proper West! Guests will enjoy a hands-on private cocktail class where they’ll learn about the history, production and characteristics of gin and gin cocktails. They’ll also learn how to make three to four cocktails and have the opportunity to get behind the bar and test out their bartending skills.


Reception with personal bartender in San Francisco

Transport your guests to another era at a historic bar. Aventine, inspired by the taverns of an ancient Roman neighborhood, boasts a 150 year-old seawall, marking the site of the notorious Barbary Coast. During your cocktail reception, guests can order drinks from their personal bartender, while enjoying delicious small bites.

Mix up classic cocktails in Washington, D.C.

In the speakeasy-style atmosphere of The Gibson, guests will feel like they are living through the Roaring 20’s. This watering hole features a sleek bar as well as a spacious outdoor patio, perfect for soaking up the sun. Once everyone settles in, the in-house mixologist will demonstrate how to create three classic cocktails detailing a brief history of each cocktail. During the demo, attendees will have the opportunity to join the bartender behind the bar to mix up a cocktail of their own.

Ping pong competition in Boston

There’s no better way to blow off some steam than with a little friendly competition. Situated on the corner of Brookline and Landsdowne next to Fenway, Game On is located inside Max & Leo’s. The space features over 30 HDTVs and 10 championship-style ping pong tables, making it the ideal destination to get your game on while enjoying the big game. 

Now take a break from the paperwork and book your post-tax-season party.


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