Why You Should Book An Incentive Trip

Between the hazy afterglow of holiday travel to visit friends and family and the somewhat ridiculously named “Bomb Cyclone” that just left the East Coast, you might think you’re all traveled out, at least for a little while. Even with all that said, there’s still a reason to consider booking an incentive trip as we look past the seemingly endless cold of winter and into the springtime. If you’re new to booking an incentive trip, here’s what you need to know.

What’s an incentive trip

The Incentive Research Foundation defines a successful incentive trip as “a motivational tool to enhance productivity” where “[e]arners are rewarded with a trip and…designed to recognize [them] for their achievements.” It’s a way to help encourage your employees to hit objectives and increase productivity, but also a way to make them feel valued, which can be especially important in the winter.

Much like planning a staycation, planning an incentive trip requires you to plan and clearly execute your objectives, with the added challenge of making sure you clearly communicate the signposts for achievement for your employees. Like any kind of reward, an incentive trip can be challenging to pull off but can pay a lot of dividends if you do.

In order to ensure your incentive trip goes off without a hitch, the IRF pinpointed five objectives you should seek to achieve when planning one:

  • Communicate the objectives of the incentive clearly for participating employees
  • Mark the progress participants are making
  • Ensure that the incentive actually motivates employees
  • Reinforce the company’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding high achieving employees through executives and management personnel
  • Keep detailed records to prove the productivity of earners

In short, if you’re looking to book an incentive trip, be prepared to have clear business objectives, communicate with your participants, have management reinforce the program, follow through on the reward and keep those receipts.

Why book an incentive trip

The number one reason you want to book an incentive trip is because many of your workers probably want to travel more than they actually do. According to William Arruda, a public speaker who focuses on personal branding, being able to travel more consistently tops his attendees’ passion lists at talks he gives. “In fact, it is one of the only passions that comes up in virtually every workshop I deliver regardless of the participants’ location, industry, job function or seniority,” he writes. Point being, chances are good that your employees want to travel, and an incentive trip will make those dreams a lot closer to a reality. In the immortal words of The Field of Dreams, “if you incentivize it, they will travel.”

Additionally, since travel incentives are based on achieving business objectives, it’ll end up being a win-win for your employees and your company. High earning employees will get to travel, and you’ll motivate your employees to work hard, retain top talent and reach elusive sales goals.

If you’re itching to get started on booking an incentive trip, check out Kapow’s offerings or explore our Platinum Events landing page for a fully customizable experience.


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