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You’ve been working hard to plan the perfect event at a hot spot downtown, but you can’t help feeling like something is missing. You want your guests to walk away with more than just a memory of the night. With one easy move, Kapow can help you increase attendance and give guests a one-of-a-kind, trendy takeaway that will leave them remembering the event long after it’s over. The solution: add a pop-up shop to your event.

Kapow is now offering Experience Enhancements, where you can add a photo booth, live performance or pop-up shop to your existing event. For pop-up shops, our retail partners will come to the venue of your choice and set up a shopping area with unique luxury items like designer sunglasses or customizable bags for your attendees to purchase.

There are many benefits to adding a pop-up shop to your event, but here are a few to get you started. 

Higher attendance, better event

The in-store retail event is our second most popular event type, and most popular for client entertainment. These events average a 93% RSVP “yes” rate and are rated as one of our best event types by attendees (8.9/10). One of the reasons retail events are so popular is that guests are given a gift card to shop with and know they’ll be walking away with a free luxury item, which is sometimes personalized. Your invitees may be able to say no to a free beer, but they might not be able to resist a customized Timbuk2 backpack or free pair of TOMS

While the numbers show that hosting a retail event is a no brainer, we know that sometimes a happy hour in or near the office might make more sense for your event needs. That’s where a pop-up shop comes in. If you are planning to host clients at your office or at a bar down the street from their office, you can add a pop-up shop to your event to get the best of both worlds.

Upgrade your event with minimal effort

While the pop-up shop is a big sell for attendees, it can also be great for you, the host. Once your event is booked, you can add a pop-up shop in a few clicks. Kapow will handle all the details with the retailer, who will come to your choice of venue and set up shop—anytime, anywhere. They take care of setup and teardown, so you can focus on getting face time with your guests.

Stay top of mind

Not only does a retail event get higher attendance, but it also helps to keep you top of mind after the event. As mentioned before, guests will walk away with a luxury item that was chosen by them or customized in some way. Every time they use that item, they’ll think of you and your great event. In some cases, the customized item won’t be ready until a few days after the event. This gives you one more touchpoint with your attendees after the event and allows you to be intentional with your interactions. 

Our favorite pop-up shops

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that pop-up shop is a great addition to your event. (And if you’re not convinced, check out this video of a Sunglass Hut pop-up shop at Boleo in Chicago. )As for which retailers are best for a pop-up shop, these are two of our favorites.

Sunglass Hut: The Sunglass Hut staff will bring a wide selection of merchandise for guests to choose from, as well as product displays and mirrors to create the same one-on-one personal experience guests receive in stores. Sunglass Hut focuses on ensuring the perfect fit for all patrons, and guests can try on a wide array of sunglasses at the event of your choice.

Timbuk2: During a Timbuk2 pop-up shop, your guests will work with the Timbuk2 staff to design their customized bag on iPads. Guests will try on samples and choose between a backpack, messenger bag or shoulder bag. Your guests can choose from more than 60 fabric swatches and finishes to create a bag that will then be handmade in San Francisco, and will ship to them—or you—within seven business days.


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