4 Effortless Ways To Be More Inclusive at an Event

Breaking the ice with clients isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Some people seem to know how to read the room and pick up on body language and behavioral clues. However, even the most seasoned salespeople come across hard nuts to crack. Big displays of inclusion can often be awkward and unwanted, but we Kapeeps have found these little tips and tricks to make your life easier when hosting a new group of clients at a swanky cocktail hour or mouthwatering five-course meal.

Simply Smile More

Business handshake. Businessman giving an handshake to close the deal. Lots of copyspacePeople are put to ease at this simple facial cue. Experts say that letting your face slowly flood with a smile as you learn about a client or see an old colleague after time apart will convey genuine happiness at seeing them again. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a zero-to-1000-watt smile that we didn’t feel like we earned and most likely put us on edge. Letting a rapport build with clients by discovering more about them and listening to what they have to say builds genuine trust as well as effortless rapport and inclusiveness.

Angle Your Body Outward

Body language experts say that opening your bodySuccessful team of business people giving high five in the office out to the room invites others to approach you. Studies have also shown that where your feet are pointed is where you’re focusing your attention. So splitting your feet—angling one at your conversation partner and one out towards the room—opens your body up for new people to join the group, but also indicates that you’re invested in the person you are speaking with.

Match Your Gestures To Your Words

Telling someone you are delighted to meet them while leaning back and crossing your arms is an incongruent message. Smiling, firmly shaking hands, eye contact and leaning forward are great visual cues to indicate that you’re listening and genuinely interested. Those who focus on their phones, plates of food, or choose to stand in the corner send the signal that they’re not open to meeting new people. Invite someone to talk about themselves while tilting your head the same way as the speaker and saying “I see!” or “Really?” to signal engagement and inclusiveness.

Host A Hands-On Event

Some happy hours, cocktail parties,sushisambacover2_6_1_3 sit-down dinners and client meetings lack an essential component that we spend most of our days talking about: Kapowering the experience. Whether it’s a hands-on sushi rolling event, making art with clients, learning how to drive like a pro or taking the plunge at an indoor skydiving event, all of these memorable experiences have built-in conversation starters. Those wonderful experiences have the benefit of getting to strike up conversations with anyone about what is actively happening in the moment. Studies have shown that getting your adrenaline pumping with clients creates a strong bond that is not easily forgotten. With one click, Kapowered experiences across the nation make it effortless to engage with each client that attends an event.
Group Of Friends Enjoying Evening Drinks In BarInspiration can spark anywhere—even talking about the sushi rolling you’re elbow deep in. Opening your body up to the room while engaging others in conversations or simply letting a genuine smile flood your face are effortless ways to be inclusive. Bottom line, you don’t have to have a booming voice or crushing handshake to work a room, simply smiling and listening will take you further with client interactions at unique events around the nation.


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