How To Crush Your Next Conference

When done right, conference marketing can be one of the best ways to build your brand, but if you fail to take advantage of the valuable face time conferences give you they can just be a drain on your budget. By even conservative estimates, space at a conference will run you around $10,000 at minimum, but the results can be worth it: 64% of marketers use tradeshows and events to source new prospects and business opportunities. In addition, 44% of marketers report a 3:1 ROI from event marketing.

If you’re one of the 36% of marketers not yet acquainted with the value of conference marketing, here are Kapow’s tips for crushing your next conference experience.

Why exhibit at a conference?

If you think percentages and buzzwords are nice, but need a little more evidence to convince you, here are three reasons you should really consider stepping up your conference marketing game:

  1. Build brand awareness: Brands rise and fall by their visibility, and even if you’re primarily based online, there’s no substitute for face-to-face contact with engaged buyers—which you’ll find in spades at a conference.
  2. Generate new leads: The world of display and account-based marketing can be a hard nut to crack—seeking out your leads on the Internet can feel like a wild goose chase. Not so, with conferences! Conferences can range from 50 attendees all the way up to 100,000+ attendees, and knowing expected attendance can help you craft ambitious-yet-attainable engagement goals.
  3. Nurture existing relationships: You should always strive to make your money work for you, and a conference is a great way to nurture your existing relationships with existing contacts. Plan your conferences around ones that will give you the best spread of new and existing contacts for the best results.

What challenges can you expect when coordinating for a conference?

Although there are numerous benefits to conference marketing, it’s not without its challenges. You’ll have to build a business case for funds to attend, research and compare the attendee company demographics with your company’s target audience, build drip campaigns for pre- and post-conference, among many other things. You’ll also have to determine your level of involvement at this conference—remember, the minimum for a seat at the table is about $10,000—while still giving yourself enough space to achieve the touchpoints it takes to nurture and follow through on a new B2B lead. It’s going to be a challenge, but the results are worth it.

Having to plan a conference marketing pitch doesn’t scare me! How do I learn more?

If you’re ready to dip your toe into the wild world of B2B conference marketing, we’ve got good news: Kapow’s recently released whitepaper on how to crush your next conference has the keys to effectively planning, coordinating and executing a perfect  conference marketing strategy and getting the unfair face time with prospects you and your sales team deserve. You can check it out here.


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