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Even More Halloween Events To Book In 2018

Halloween is just around the corner. In between the pumpkins, fallen leaves and delicious hot ciders, let’s not forget the real reason for the season: getting your pants scared completely off. Last year, we went through and curated some of our favorite terrifying events live on-site already. But the more, the scarier as the old…

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Trevor and Matt Hang in the City by the Bay

Previously on Trevor Tracker: I lost my phone in NYC, lived out my 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood and spent time on the beach working on my tan in OC. Since I was a few days ahead of schedule, I decided to drive up the world renowned Highway 1—a 655 mile road that spans…

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Top 28 West Coast Venues for Summer Events

We love hanging with clients and co-workers during the summer months. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events on the West Coast. Between rooftops, patios, boats and walking food tours, we’re feeling pretty good about the list. Check out the best West Coast venues for summer events below and book them in…

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Silicon Valley

The Best Cocktail Hours Across the Country

Don’t make your clients suffer through any more boring and trite cocktail hours at the same, tired watering holes. Good client entertainment is about creating a unique experience your guests won’t soon forget. Kapow takes the guesswork out of where the current hot spots are and when they’re available with our online booking system. Stop stalling and raise your glass at any of these chic cocktail hot spots.