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Creative Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

When you book a corporate event, you’ve got a choice to make. Do you want a popular event destination? A venue that appeared on television? Maybe you want an event that fits with current trends in corporate events. There are other options, however. If you know your clients well, an outside-the-box experience is the perfect thing…


A-List to C-Level: How To Crush Your Next Event Selection

Entertaining clients takes a refined touch. While some might salivate at the thought of a high-end whiskey tasting, others might think taking a spin on a go-kart is the ideal way to spend an evening. In order to make sure your event goes off without a hitch, it’s imperative to curate your experience based on who you’re entertaining. In our not so-humble opinion, here’s our list of no-fail go-tos that we recommend for your unique guest list.


Know the Facts: The Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch

So, you’ve gotten yourself an invite to one of Kapow’s infamous whiskey tastings, or was it a scotch tasting? Shoot, was it bourbon? Once you’ve figured it out, continue reading. Well, you’ve probably heard it before: all scotch is whiskey, but not all whiskey is scotch. But what does it all mean? Here’s a simple guide to help you understand some of the the differences.

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Top 28 West Coast Venues for Summer Events

We love hanging with clients and co-workers during the summer months. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events on the West Coast. Between rooftops, patios, boats and walking food tours, we’re feeling pretty good about the list. Check out the best West Coast venues for summer events below and book them in…


Around the World in 8 Experiences

Here at Kapow, we know how much you like to treat your clients to unique and classic experiences. If you could, you would take your clients on extravagant trips around the world.

But let’s face it, it’s extremely difficult to get away. From booking a flight, checking your bags and making sure you didn’t forget your passport, it’s hard to get out the door, much less to the airport. Not to mention using up all of those vacation days! With all this tying you down, how are you suppose to globe trot with your clients?


Get Ahead: Reserve the Hottest Spot for your Company Holiday Party

Although it’s only August, it’s time to start scoping out the coolest spot for your corporate holiday party before they get booked. These five venues are sure to impress your jolly guests and amp up that holiday spirit…in August.


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Drink Up with West Coast Wines

Home to some of the best wines in the world, the West Coast is the place to be if you enjoy the sun, dreaming and drinking delicious wine. Luckily for the folks on the “best” coast, they have a plethora of great vineyards producing great wine to choose from, or try all of.



We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing our corporate events marketplace to three new cities – Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Seattle! On June 1, these three cities will continue our mission to provide the best corporate entertainment experiences with greater efficiency and less cost. Teams in each city are already working with the best venues…