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Unexpected Venues For Your Next Event

We’re a few months into 2019, and event planners have their hands full already. Rising event costs mean you have to be savvier about the events you book, which means more research and prep cooked into your events plan. You can consult our knowledgeable experts for some of their favorites, check our recommendations or use our…


A-List to C-Level: How To Crush Your Next Event Selection

Entertaining clients takes a refined touch. While some might salivate at the thought of a high-end whiskey tasting, others might think taking a spin on a go-kart is the ideal way to spend an evening. In order to make sure your event goes off without a hitch, it’s imperative to curate your experience based on who you’re entertaining. In our not so-humble opinion, here’s our list of no-fail go-tos that we recommend for your unique guest list.


Know the Facts: The Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch

So, you’ve gotten yourself an invite to one of Kapow’s infamous whiskey tastings, or was it a scotch tasting? Shoot, was it bourbon? Once you’ve figured it out, continue reading. Well, you’ve probably heard it before: all scotch is whiskey, but not all whiskey is scotch. But what does it all mean? Here’s a simple guide to help you understand some of the the differences.

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Why This Works: The Super Bowl Rolling Stone Party

A weekend of VIP parties and celebrity appearances, the 2017 Super Bowl is an experience that shouldn’t be missed! But just because you’ve purchased the coveted game-day tickets doesn’t mean your planning stops there. The only way to keep your guests talking for months and years to come is with the addition of the Super…


Top 28 West Coast Venues for Summer Events

We love hanging with clients and co-workers during the summer months. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events on the West Coast. Between rooftops, patios, boats and walking food tours, we’re feeling pretty good about the list. Check out the best West Coast venues for summer events below and book them in…


Get Ahead: Reserve the Hottest Spot for your Company Holiday Party

Although it’s only August, it’s time to start scoping out the coolest spot for your corporate holiday party before they get booked. These five venues are sure to impress your jolly guests and amp up that holiday spirit…in August.


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Celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month in Phoenix

This April we celebrated the changing weather, the day taxes are due, the Easter bunny visiting and of course, Jazz Appreciation Month. Created by Smithsonian curator, John Edward Hasse, Jazz Appreciation month is the perfect reason to take advantage of the live music venues your city has to offer. From Ella Fitzgerald to Louis Armstrong, the month of April is meant to celebrate the culture and heritage brought to America by numerous notable jazz performers.


Events Made Easy: How Kapow Works For You

You can’t really visit the Kapow website without seeing our promise to make “events easy.” But you may be asking yourself what exactly does that mean. It means we are here to do all the pre-party planning while you get to walk into your event looking like a creative genius.


Make It Memorable: How to Help Your Event Stand Out

Can you remember what you did after work two weeks ago? Happy hour? Dinner? Cocktail party? With so many things flying your way everyday you can’t be expected to remember every monotonous evening, and if you can’t remember chances are your guests can’t either! But don’t let this get you down. There are plenty of ways to take the humdrum to high-energy!


Plan Smarter With Kapow Invitations

So you’ve booked that perfect event, but now you’re wondering how to let your guests know about this perfect event. Well, from the great tech minds at Kapow there are now new and improved options for you to reach all your excited attendees from the ease of your computer.


Operation Ban Trust Falls: Fun Ways to Team-Build and Boost Office Morale

Although “work” and “play” live on seemingly opposite ends of your weekly spectrum, here at Kapow we try our best to fuse these two cornerstones of your work week. Your office is most likely where you spend 80% of your waking hours, so why not make it as lively as possible? From running clubs to in-office manicures, here’s a list of ways to boost office morale and maybe even make Mondays a bit more bearable.


Beware These Networking No-Goes

Networking is an art. It takes time, refinement, focus and often a little creativity. However, setting yourself apart from the competition and leaving a lasting impression is no easy feat, especially when there are so many mistakes to be made.