Private screenings are the perfect way to give your guests a VIP experience without breaking the bank. Be the first to hear about new movie theater buyouts, pre-screenings and movie experiences offered on Kapow’s site. And get tips for turning your movie experience into a profitable event.

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3 Reasons to Book Private Screenings

Private screenings are tried and true corporate events. We love them here at Kapow and we’ve found they’re perfect for employee appreciation, client acquisition and client entertainment events. Here are a few reasons why our clients have had a big success with movie private screenings. Entertain a large group without breaking the bank Movie private screenings are great…


Creative Options For Your Multi-Event Program

If you’re planning events across multiple markets, it’s vital to the program’s success to have consistent attendance and performance. Sure, you can try to independently coordinate each individual location, but that takes a lot of effort and leads to increased mistakes. When using Kapow’s multi-event tools and planners, a multi-event program can lead to a…


2017 Event Trend: Movie Pre-Screenings

In 2015 Kapow began national partnerships with major movie chains including (but not limited to) AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas and Studio Movie Grill. In less than two years we have seen a major spike in demand—a 5x increase in private movie screening requests. And we’re anticipating that number to grow by leaps and bounds in…


Treat Clients to Private Showings of Oscar-Bait Movies

Private movie screenings are a great way to entertain a large group without breaking the bank. And, if you’re anything like us, you try to see as many of the rumored award-worthy contenders before the awards shows. While there are lots of good reasons to book a movie pre-screening for your next corporate event, knowing that your guests…