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A-List to C-Level: How To Crush Your Next Event Selection

Entertaining clients takes a refined touch. While some might salivate at the thought of a high-end whiskey tasting, others might think taking a spin on a go-kart is the ideal way to spend an evening. In order to make sure your event goes off without a hitch, it’s imperative to curate your experience based on who you’re entertaining. In our not so-humble opinion, here’s our list of no-fail go-tos that we recommend for your unique guest list.


11 Summer Event Ideas: Midwest Venues

Summer is the perfect time to throw a big bash for your clients and co-workers. And in the Midwest, it’s vital to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events in the Midwest. Between rooftops, baseball games and driving ranges, we’re…


Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl 2015

This upcoming Saturday, October 17 is a super popular and unique event to Minneapolis, the infamous Zombie Pub Crawl. If you’re dying for a good time, join other walking-dead-obsessed, zombie clad folks for this spooktacular event! Calling all zombie lovers, check out more details below and see how you can get involved What is it?:…

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Try your Hand at a Minnesota-inspired Cocktail

When we think of imbibing in Minnesota, their local craft brews most likely come to mind. But, did you know that this great state also has delicious specialty, Minnesotan-inspired cocktails? And with the unpredictable Minnesota weather, sometimes we need a heavier liquid blanket that’ll help us endure the long, cold winter of Minnesota. Check out…


Get Moving With These Five Active Experiences to Transform Your Corporate Event

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good happy hour, but sometimes we think it’s important to put down the martini glass and get your body moving. Yes, we are aware you can do this on the dance floor, but how about something different—like trying your hand at a trapeze class? Or get jumping in a dodgeball trampoline tournament? If we have you attention, take a peek below at five active experiences to get your corporate events out of the bar:


10 Most Outrageously Fun Experiences

Corporate events don’t have to be bland cocktail hours in a stuffy restaurant’s dining room. There are a plethora of activities that will bring everyone out of his or her comfort zone to experience something like never before, all while bonding and bringing one another together. We’ve rounded up ten of our most outrageously fun experiences that will have your guests talking for months. From soaring sky high above a body of water to tasting bite sized chocolates with an expert chocolatier, nothing about these experiences is bland.


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Best Happy Hour Spots in Minneapolis

Summer is upon us folks, which means the sun is a beaming and drinks are a flowin’. While most of you are hard at work during these beautiful sunny days, there is always that special something that we all like to call happy hour to look forward to. Whether you fancy a 5 o’clock Moscow Mule or simply want to indulge in some truffle tater tots, Minneapolis, do we have the spots for you!



We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing our corporate events marketplace to three new cities – Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Seattle! On June 1, these three cities will continue our mission to provide the best corporate entertainment experiences with greater efficiency and less cost. Teams in each city are already working with the best venues…