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We shine the spotlight on some of our favorite corporate event experiences from coast to coast. Find new venues, get great event ideas and read about new experience offerings. Our event experts are always rounding up ideas to fit all of your event needs: team-building, client entertainment, women’s events, employee appreciation, offsite meetings and more.

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Event Spotlights

The Deal of a Century: Modern experience at historic digs Part 1

Although we’re a big advocate of modern technology, many Kapow experiences pay homage to moments in our country’s history. Check out our two-part post that highlights venues in the Kapow Partner Network that have a historic flare. Treat clients to one of these Kapow Experiences and you just might close ‘the deal of a century’. Dine at…

Event Spotlights

Track Trevor as he Visits Venues Across the Country

Venue tours are a key selling point for professionals looking to book a corporate event. They like to see the decor and layout before committing to a space. This becomes even more important when you’re booking an event in a city you don’t live in. So Kapow is making things a little easier by bringing…

Event Spotlights

7 Company Party Ideas For Summer

We’re ready for summer, so we rounded up the best summer party ideas that will get you and your co-workers outside and breathing in the fresh air.

Event Spotlights

Captain America: Civil War Pre-screening

Take clients to see the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War before it’s officially released in theaters. The newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hits theaters on May 6th, but you can take your clients to see it on the 5th—so you’ll know the plot twists before everyone else. In the film, a proposal is made that would…

Event Spotlights

Uncovering the Best Houston Venues

At 655 square miles, Houston could contain the cities of New York, Washington D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis and Miami! Recently named one of the “10 Best Food Cities in America” by The Washington Post and the “Newest Capital of Great Food” by Food & Wine Magazine, it’s safe to say that Houston venues…

Event Spotlights

Lollapalooza pre-party brunch and drink ideas

Whether you’ve secured your tickets yet or not, now that the 2016 Lollapalooza lineup is out and tickets are available, it’s time to come up with your game plan. Book your Lollapalooza pre-party brunch at Hubbard Inn for your corporate group before taking in the show at Grant Park.


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Event Spotlights

7 Ways to Score Big with Clients at Barclays Center

Built in 2012, Barclays Center has become the go-to spot in NYC for the biggest events in sports and entertainment. We are bringing those events to you, so you can impress your clients with a killer experience. Every arena experience takes place in  an exclusive suite with food and drinks.  Check out these seven experiences,…

Event Spotlights

Book the Indy 500 or MotoGP event

If your clients have a need for speed, we have the event for you. Take your clients to the Indy 500 or MotoGP racing event with these VIP packages.

Event Spotlights

Around the World in 8 Experiences

Here at Kapow, we know how much you like to treat your clients to unique and classic experiences. If you could, you would take your clients on extravagant trips around the world.

But let’s face it, it’s extremely difficult to get away. From booking a flight, checking your bags and making sure you didn’t forget your passport, it’s hard to get out the door, much less to the airport. Not to mention using up all of those vacation days! With all this tying you down, how are you suppose to globe trot with your clients?

Event Spotlights

A Night of Luxury

Everyone wants a night where they feel like royalty. A night where you put on your snazziest outfit and hit the hottest spots in town. The feeling of an evening like has never been more accurately captured then in Fergie’s hit 2006 single, “Glamourous.” While no one ever quite captured what “flossy flossy” meant, the message was still alive and well, and ingrained into listeners minds for years to come.

Event Spotlights

The Art and Science of Collaboration

At our core, Kapow highly values collaboration. Not only among our team members, but with those we work with. Recently, we have been thinking about the art and science of collaboration. In the microcosm of business, collaboration becomes a harder sell as most corporations are going after all of the market capital that they can capture.…

Event Spotlights

Sweet Treats You Won’t Want to Miss

We’re always looking for an excuse to indulge our sweet tooth at our amazing experiences across the country, and when the month of October rolls around, we are especially unapologetic in our pursuit for a delectable sugary bite. If you don’t want to wait for Halloween to give in to your chocolatey sweet tooth, try one of these candy-coated experiences.