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We shine the spotlight on some of our favorite corporate event experiences from coast to coast. Find new venues, get great event ideas and read about new experience offerings. Our event experts are always rounding up ideas to fit all of your event needs: team-building, client entertainment, women’s events, employee appreciation, offsite meetings and more.

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Event Spotlights

Capture this: the best spots to soak up the view in your city

Delectable cuisine and creative cocktails go hand-in-hand with sensational views in a plethora of breathtaking venues across the U.S. So we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème. From breezy, oceanside lounges to tranquil, lakeside retreats, bustling city penthouses and adventures by sea—or sky—you’ll want to book one of these 20 postcard-perfect venues stat. Atlanta Enjoy an…

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Employee appreciation events: Keep your peeps happy

One-third of employees quit their jobs in the first 6 months, according to a study by BambooHR. The biggest reasons for leaving a job? According to the same report, the top reasons for leaving were not receiving clear guidelines on what their job entailed and needing more effective training – those two are on you…

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LA’s Hidden Gems

The City of Angels is known for its perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, diverse population and a booming entertainment industry. The sprawling city, which is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined, also has one of the most dynamic and diverse food and bar scenes in the country. So we ate and drank…

Event Spotlights

Our Favorite Meet the Chef Experiences

Looking to add a twist to your next client dinner, heighten attendance or up the ‘wow’ factor? Introduce your guests to the restaurant’s stars—the owner and chef! Check out Kapow’s top “Meet the Chef” and “Meet the Owner” experiences in Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago for a custom, personal and memorable night on the…

Event Spotlights

Trevor and Matt Hang in the City by the Bay

Previously on Trevor Tracker: I lost my phone in NYC, lived out my 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood and spent time on the beach working on my tan in OC. Since I was a few days ahead of schedule, I decided to drive up the world renowned Highway 1—a 655 mile road that spans…

Event Spotlights

Attendee Review of Kamehachi Sushi Rolling

Find out what an event attendee had to say about the Kamehachi sushi rolling event and what it did for her relationship with her vendor.


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Event Spotlights

12 Best Venues for Summer Events in Texas

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to throw a party for your clients and co-workers. And since everything’s bigger in Texas, we figure it’s “go big or go home”. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events in Texas. Between outdoor art galleries, patios and driving ranges, we’re ready…

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Top 28 West Coast Venues for Summer Events

We love hanging with clients and co-workers during the summer months. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events on the West Coast. Between rooftops, patios, boats and walking food tours, we’re feeling pretty good about the list. Check out the best West Coast venues for summer events below and book them in…

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11 Summer Event Ideas: Midwest Venues

Summer is the perfect time to throw a big bash for your clients and co-workers. And in the Midwest, it’s vital to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events in the Midwest. Between rooftops, baseball games and driving ranges, we’re…

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22 Best East Coast Venues for Summer Events

We’ve put together a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events on the East Coast. Between rooftop lounges, patios and pristine golf courses, we think this list looks pretty good. Check out the best East Coast venues for summer events below and book them in a few clicks.   Atlanta Atlanta Motorsports Bocado Burger Park…

Event Spotlights

Trevor takes on Los Angeles

The first installment of “Trevor Tracker” left me lost in NYC without a cell phone. Fortunately for me, I had already mastered the subway and was able to navigate myself to the airport for the start of my next adventure: a West Coast takeover, starting in Los Angeles, California. City of Angels When the plane…

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The Deal of a Century: Modern experience at historic digs Part 2

We’re back for part two of our blog series on modern experiences at historic venues. If you missed part one, be sure to check it out to get more ideas for events that will go down in history. The Ostrich at Crust Simply Italian, Phoenix This re-imagined drinking destination is located in the forgotten basement…