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Event Spotlights

We shine the spotlight on some of our favorite corporate event experiences from coast to coast. Find new venues, get great event ideas and read about new experience offerings. Our event experts are always rounding up ideas to fit all of your event needs: team-building, client entertainment, women’s events, employee appreciation, offsite meetings and more.

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Event Spotlights

Venues Making The News

It can often be hard to know what the right event is to book. You want something impressive, while not looking like you’re just following the crowd. If you’re looking for events that are sure to delight but not obvious, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve given you four of our favorite events that have…

Event Spotlights

Teambuilding Events To Bring You Closer

While the only teambuilding some events might accomplish is an organized group groan, if done well, teambuilding can build trust and even be fun! In a recent episode of WorkLife with Adam Grant, Adam discusses how astronauts on the International Space Station have to work together to live in a small capsule and accomplish their missions. One of…

Event Spotlights

Host The Perfect Rooftop Event

Now that warm weather is upon us, there are no shortage of outdoor event ideas for you and your group to explore, but savvy events planners know the true holy grail of summer is the rooftop event. But what makes the perfect rooftop soiree? As with any event, it depends on what you’re trying to…

Event Spotlights

April snow has us dreaming of May events …

Winter has certainly been overstaying its welcome now that we’re halfway through April. However, eventually it will be May, and with May comes warmer weather, Cinco de Mayo and the start of summer blockbuster season. It’s time to start planning May events, and we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of our favorite ideas below.…

Event Spotlights

Creative Options For Your Multi-Event Program

If you’re planning events across multiple markets, it’s vital to the program’s success to have consistent attendance and performance. Sure, you can try to independently coordinate each individual location, but that takes a lot of effort and leads to increased mistakes. When using Kapow’s multi-event tools and planners, a multi-event program can lead to a…

Event Spotlights

Update Client Wardrobes With A Springtime Retail Event

We’re just weeks away from the “official” start of spring. In between rain and flowers, it also means the return of spring fashion. Retail events can be a great way to connect with new and returning partners and prospects. Everyone needs to wear clothes, so why not garb your prospective clients in something eye-catching that…


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Event Spotlights

Making The Most Of Mardi Gras In NOLA

Although Mardi Gras has passed us by on February 13, we believe it’s a state of mind and not a hard and fast date. This goes double if you happen to be in New Orleans, Louisiana’s hotbed of good music, good food and good events. If you’re local to NOLA or just looking to get…

Event Spotlights

Kick off the New Year with a Health-Focused Event

It’s officially 2018 and we’re all feeling the “New Year New You” vibes. Like most people, we’re busy making our resolutions for the year. According to a Nielsen study, staying fit and healthy is the most common New Year’s resolution, and we’re willing to bet it’s on your clients’ lists as well. What better way to help…

Event Spotlights

Help Clients Gear Up for Winter with a Retail Event

It’s official: winter is upon us! The winter solstice 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere begins today at 11:28 AM EST. Weather-wise, winter 2017-18, will feature a “nationwide split between colder and wetter-than-average conditions in parts of the northern states, while the southern tier sees warmer and drier-than-average conditions overall,” according to The Weather Channel. Kapow is…

Event Spotlights

Best Events for Guests with Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Not all of us have adventurous appetites. Sometimes it’s by choice, and sometimes it’s due to a food allergy or other dietary restriction. In the latter case, careful planning is a necessity to make sure everyone feels accommodated and welcomed at your event. In either case, there are tons of options for event planners or…

Event Spotlights

Events with Award-Winning and Celebrity Chefs

Whether you’re watching old episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix or binging the latest season of The Great British Bake-Off, we can all admit that it’s fun (and enlightening!) to learn about how food is made. If you’re looking to add a little oomph to your next dining event, you might consider one of the…

Event Spotlights

Tips and Suggestions for C-Suite Entertainment

Entertaining for C-Suite executives can be an arduous but rewarding task if you get it right. If you’re new to event planning or just want some refresher tips on how to provide the very best for the upper echelons of your clients’ or partners’ business, read on. Tips for entertaining C-Suite clients Know your exec:…