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Go behind the scenes at Kapow to learn how our technology and product teams create the awesome products you use on our online event marketplace. Plus, you’ll get an insider look at the processes and tools used at a tech startup.

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Inside Tech

Check out our webinar on driving more pipeline from your events

Check out our very first Cvent + Kapow marketing webinar. We’re proud of our ability to solve your event planning pain points, our networking strategies and what kinds of large-scale events we’re able to provide. In addition, we’re proud to partner with our parent company Cvent to bring you an exclusive look into how tech…

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Virtual Reality Experiences To Beat The Heat In

There’s no two ways about it:  summer has begun and it’s heating up. Events that get your guests out of the heat are good, but virtual reality events do you one better. They allow your guests to enjoy imaginative vistas and exciting experiences without leaving the opulence of central air and comfort. Even if the…

Inside Tech

What Event Data Should You Track?

There are more opportunities than ever to utilize technology in events. You can use it to check guests in and increase your event security; you can use tech to explore a venue when you can’t see it in person; you can use tech to make a first impression or enhance an event with AV equipment.…

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How To Effectively Use AV Equipment

Nothing makes an event or presentation fall flatter than sound, lighting or tech issues. Without sound and light, the presenter is just standing silent and alone in the dark without an audience they can see. So, when planning your offsite meeting, reception or large-scale event, few things are more important than your audiovisual equipment. Utilizing…

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You Asked, We Delivered: New Features our Clients Requested

At Kapow, we’re always looking to improve our products and processes based on feedback from our customers. As the year comes to a close, we looked back at features we built in 2017 based on suggestions from you—our customers. Check them out below and contact your Account Manager to let us know how we can…

Inside Tech

Inside Tech: Building Purpose-Built Internal Tools for Business Processes

As Kapow grows, the technology team continuously works to improve our technical infrastructure. A big part of that work is to reduce our dependence on third-party tools and services that helped us scale initially with a small tech team. For example, I wrote previously about our migration from Magento to a Ruby on Rails app…


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Inside Tech

Inside Tech: Building a Secure Infrastructure

Technology is at the core of Kapow and a big part of that technology is our infrastructure. As we grow, we are continuously making improvements to the infrastructure to make it faster, more secure and easier to maintain. Our DevOps team recently completed a significant upgrade in this area, which we’ve dubbed “VPC 2.0.” Our…

Inside Tech

Inside Tech: building a database to power trending modules

Technology is one of Kapow’s greatest assets and a huge driver of our success. We’re continuously developing our platform in order to provide our customers with the best events and to deliver value to our partner venues. A prime example of this is our data collection and analysis toolset, which serves both of those purposes,…

Inside Tech

Inside Tech: How to Maintain Content without Developer Effort

As companies scale, they tend to start producing more and more content, which they then need to continually distribute and update. Oftentimes, content updates are rolled out initially by developers, but as the company’s needs become more complex, a solution that puts content control in the hands of the marketing folks becomes a necessity. We…

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Using Technology to Find Future Event Ideas

You know the feeling. You’re now in charge of planning the next big event. Immediately, your brain starts to hurt with all the ideation, logistical coordination and problem solving that has to happen. Event planning isn’t part of your job description, and now you’ve got this on your plate too?   OK, so what’s next? Grab a…

Inside Tech

Inside Tech: Using Elasticsearch for location-based queries

Welcome to the second part of a series (read part one here) on our implementation of Elasticsearch and the improvements to Kapow’s online marketplace that resulted. Until a few months ago, all searches in the marketplace were oriented around the concept of a “market,” the term we use to refer to the 20 cities listed…

Inside Tech

Inside Tech: How Kapow Uses Salesforce

As a technology company, Kapow always knew we would build our own event management software to power the largest selection of unique corporate events available. We needed to build a tool not just for internal teams, but a best-of-breed, self-service tool that allows people with no event expertise to manage a successful event with ease.…