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Get tips for planning epic company holiday parties. Whether you’re looking for tips on throwing a killer holiday party or need to find the best Cinco de Mayo hangout, Kapow’s got the inside scoop.

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Hosting Holiday Party in January

We noticed an increase in companies booking their holiday party in January. Reasons for the shift range from cost savings to making it more convenient for employees.


4 Tips on Hosting Your Holiday Office Potluck

It’s that time of the year where the trees lining Wacker Drive have lost all of their leaves, snow is on the horizon, and you just can’t seem to enter a grocery store without hearing those cheerful holiday songs such as “Silent Night” or the 80’s classic… “Last Christmas” by the 1980’s sensation, Wham! Thanksgiving…


5 Tips For Making Your Holiday Party More Memorable

Many are tasked with or volunteer to plan their company’s holiday party because they want to avoid the same boring event as last year, but they don’t know where to go for ideas and inspiration.


Happy Thanksgiving from Kapow

While some of us here may be passing the discolored gravy to Uncle Morty this Thanksgiving or fighting over who gets to pull the wishbone apart, all of us at Kapow will certainly be giving thanks for a few things in 2012: We are blessed to be part of the Second City with some of…


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Holiday celebrations with the office can be the best of times or the worst of times. Here’s a survival guide on how to thrive at your company’s holiday party this year.