Holiday Party Coworkers Dancing


Get tips for planning epic company holiday parties. Whether you’re looking for tips on throwing a killer holiday party or need to find the best Cinco de Mayo hangout, Kapow’s got the inside scoop.

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Holiday Party Invitation Ideas

For many companies, their holiday party is one of the biggest internal events of the year. We recommend getting the buzz started well before your holiday party with festive invitations. Whether you’re part of a committee, planning it all by yourself or enlisting our help, themed holiday party invitations are a great way to kick off the fun!


Tips For Booking A Last Minute Holiday Party

Venues fill up quickly during the holiday season as Chicago companies rush to secure their yearly party. It’s impressive how quickly these venue calendars fill up..and you don’t want to be left behind with nowhere to go.


The Holiday Season’s Holiday Dessert Trends

As event planners in Chicago start to map out their holiday parties, they have to think about what will make their event special. Entertainment? Fancy appetizers? Location? Sure, all those things are important, but this holiday season, desserts are being paid extra attention!


6 Office Holiday Party Planning Mistakes To Avoid

The holidays signify a chaotic time for nearly everyone – but your event planning doesn’t have to be. Avoid these mistakes when planning your office holiday party and you’ll come out looking like a star! 1. Waiting until the last minute to book a venue. As many venues as there are in every major city,…


Turn Oktoberfest Into A Corporate Event

Every year, people travel from all over the world to enjoy Oktoberfest in Bavaria. While you may not be able to go over the pond, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate right where you are!


So What Is Friday the 13th Really About?

Well, we all know what today is. It’s the day that horror movies make their debuts and people are much more cautious about everything they do. Yes, it’s Friday the Thirteenth.


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Things to Do in Chicago Over Labor Day Weekend

According to a recent travel report by AAA and IHS, more than 34 million Americans are expected to take a roadtrip of 50 miles or more during Labor Day weekend. And while it’d be nice to take a little trip for the end of summer, that statistic makes me think of one thing and one thing only: traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.


Christmas in July?

Well, not exactly. It might be a little early to start celebrating Christmas, but it’s never too early to start planning! Yes, it’s the summer, and you’re probably more concerned with planning a day at the beach or a barbeque in the park, but Christmas is now five months away. Will you be ready for the festivities? Or will you let it all sneak up on you?


How to Stay in Touch with Clients over the Holiday Weekend

The work week is practically finished already!—if you’re lucky, that is. But with the short week and the long weekend, it can be easy to lose touch with your clients.


How to Have Fourth of July at the Office

Thanks to the Blackhawks’ giant win on Monday, the entire city of Chicago is in party-mode for the week, and we hope you’ve been having as much fun as we have! But with all the excitement, we almost forgot about the nationwide party next week: the Fourth of July!


Kapow Your Valentine’s Day

Ah! Valentine’s Day—a day of love. We often think of Valentine’s Day as one strictly for couples and budding romance but why should they get to hog all of the fun? Well we don’t think they should. At Kapow, Valentine’s Day is one in which we show our appreciation for each other whether they be…


Kapow’s Holiday Party

We at Kapow know a thing or two about company parties. We spent the last year learning, growing and assuring that other companies had great events. Now it was our turn. We were thrilled to recently celebrate our first holiday party with our team. We kicked off the night with dinner at Girl and the Goat.…