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Get tips for planning epic company holiday parties. Whether you’re looking for tips on throwing a killer holiday party or need to find the best Cinco de Mayo hangout, Kapow’s got the inside scoop.

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Celebrate National Receptionist Day!

What’s more important than a first impression? Nothing. That first encounter with a business enterprise can make all the difference in the world. Bottom line, no one is more important than our receptionist Grace Przyborski who intercepts, blocks and tackles callers and visitors like a NFL lineman, while methodically directing the best and brightest opportunities to our Kapow associates for further action. So, on May 13, National Receptionist Day, let’s celebrate Grace and all of the receptionists in the world, and remember that they deserve our respect and admiration for representing our company and protecting us from slimeballs trying to sneak under the office door.


Visit Historic Boston Spots in Honor of Patriot’s Day

Let the bells of liberty ring as you surrender to the delights of our nations best brews and curated cocktails. Enjoy the best our city has to offer while you honor the sacrifices of our nation’s founders. If you press your ear to the ancient cobblestones and if you try very, very hard, you can still hear the clip clop of Paul Revere’s horse rushing along to warn the citizens of Boston that danger was approaching. Celebrate Patriot’s Day this year by visiting some of Boston’s famed and historic venues.


St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

‘Tis the season for wearing green, where four leaf clovers will be a plenty and Lucky Charms will be raining down upon your Bostonian heads. Maybe not exactly like that, but St. Patty’s Day is here and Beantown, we know you can’t wait. The iconic parade occurred yesterday as colorful floats and Irish bagpipes made their way around South Boston. If you won’t be gracing Dublin with your presence this week, Boston may be the next best place. The long-standing Irish tradition is fairly prominent during St. Patty’s Day and there will be festivities galore around every corner. If you want to feel transported to the Emerald Isle, check out these fantastic Irish pubs.


Show Your Clients Some Love This Valentine’s Day

One of our core values is that “We Love” – we love each other, we love what we do and most importantly we love our clients and partners. This Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to show your clients some gratitude. Consider the tips below for some unique ways to give your clients a little love and truly express how much you appreciate doing business with them.


We’ve Got the Cure for Your Holiday Hangover

After weeks of boozing and feasting the holidays are coming to an end. The garlands are starting to come down, the twinkling lights will be no more and the ball has dropped, but one thing that tends to linger on after the party is the holiday hangover. So as our new years gift to you here are some of Kapow’s favorite remedies for combatting the morning after misery.


Host your holiday party in January

Holiday season is coming to a close. Festive lights will be taken down and people might seem a bit grumpier now that an abundance of cookies and pies have been eaten. There is one way to extend the holiday season and keep on bringin’ the joy and that is to host your holiday party in January. Yep, that’s right. I bet you’re thinking, what happens in January? Nothing? Exactly. That’s why it is the perfect month for an after-holiday season soiree.


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5 Guidelines for Corporate Gift Giving

Holiday season is upon us, which means we should take time to thank those who have helped us in any way during the past year. Corporate gift giving is a fantastic way to show others how much you appreciate the work they do, the business they give and the effort that goes into making one another successful. Check out the tips below to help you choose the perfect holiday gift for your clients.


Top 5 Add Ons to Complete Your Holiday Event

Holiday season is upon us folks, which means glitter and glitz are filling the air, marshmallows are considered a food group and office parties are occurring around the clock. If you haven’t had a company soirée yet, there is still time to plan something spectacular. Sometimes you need a little extra somethin’ special to make an event a WOW, and we have some terrific ideas of add ons to make your extravaganza the best it can be.


The 12 Cocktails of Christmas

Has the hunt for a partridge in a pear tree left you stressed out? Are the local maids-a-milking not returning your phone calls? Well, with it being 2014 – almost 2015 – we think it’s time to replace the outdated 12 Days of Christmas with something a little more feasible, fun and festive.


What to Wear to Your Holiday Party

‘Tis the season of full hearts, bellies and social calendars! That means lots of opportunities to show off your most festive holiday gear! However, depending on the dress code, time and venue each holiday themed fiesta will have it’s own fashion flair. So before you break out your fanciest LED light-up Christmas Tree sweater, consult with our holiday party dress code guide for inspiration on how to dress for each type of holiday event.


5 Ways to Win at Your Office Holiday Party

Some employees see the annual holiday party as the perfect place to let loose and indulge, and while we’re all for that, we know there’s a few other things you can do to leave the soirée feeling like a success.


What’s Your Holiday Party Persona?

The season of corporate holiday parties is upon us, and as everyone knows the annual office party tends to bring the ‘character’ out in everyone. Whether you’re a wallflower or the star of the show, there’s a pop culture match for your personality. These are some of our favorite office holiday party personas, which one are you?