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Get tips for planning epic company holiday parties. Whether you’re looking for tips on throwing a killer holiday party or need to find the best Cinco de Mayo hangout, Kapow’s got the inside scoop.

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Tips for Planning an Awesome Holiday Party

Planning any corporate event can be stressful, but there is a extra level of stress that accompanies planning a holiday party. But throwing an awesome Holiday Party starts with a solid plan. Follow these tips for stress-free planning.


Finish Out 2017 Strong With a Client Event

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the end-of-year holidays occurring not long after that, the struggle to maintain your momentum through 2017 is real. If you’re a field marketer trying to get your sales team more face time to nurture leads and close sales, the time between today and the end of the year probably seems…


Host your Office Holiday Party at Dave & Buster’s

After a successful office Halloween party, you’re looking ahead to the next big thing: the office holiday party. Coordinating a holiday party can be a logistical nightmare for even the most stalwart veteran of corporate events. What’s the right venue? Should you have it before or after the traditional holiday season? Are any venues still…


The Scary Good Halloween Office Party Playlist

Hosting an in-office Halloween party? Nothing sets the mood for a spooky shindig like a good playlist. But that can be a time-consuming task and we know you’re focused on perfecting your costume. So we took the liberty of creating a playlist that will keep your colleagues spellbound. Now put on your costume, grab some…


Haunted Events to Book this Halloween

The leaves have begun to turn, the days are getting shorter and pumpkins are appearing in supermarket parking lots across the country. In short, it’s Halloween time. If you’re looking to celebrate, you could book a normal cocktail event or group activity for your company, but you’ve got all year to do that. If you’re…


Ideas for National Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is this coming Monday, October 16th. Chances are you’ve forgotten this holiday exists, and are probably scrambling to find a way to celebrate or (if you’re a boss yourself) trying to find a way to avoid celebrating it. Fortunately for you in either case, we’re here to help. Obviously everyone wants to feel…


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13 Great Places to Celebrate the 4th of July

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is just around the corner. Whether you call it Independence Day or the Fourth of July, you’ll want to celebrate the occasion—and the days leading up to it—with great food, drinks and activities. In honor of the 13 colonies, we’ve put together a list of 13 spots known for great-tasting grub,…


6 Trends to Keep in Mind as you Wet your Whistle this Summer

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, flew by and we’re ready for summer. For many of us, that means the return of outdoor barbecues and patio parties—and, of course, the cocktails that go with them. Like fashion trends, however, cocktail trends come and go. If you’re planning a summer event for your clients…


Best places to eat on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up, which means summer is about to start. And for us, summer means rooftop bars, boating events and BBQ! So to kick off the summer season, we pulled together a list of our favorite BBQ spots that you should check out this weekend. Whether you’re looking for a smoky brisket, a…


5 tips for planning a successful summer outing

While the office holiday party is an old standard, the office summer outing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies. After a holiday party, morale tends to be high and employees feel a sense of camaraderie with their peers. But after six months of hard work, the moral dips, and is typically in need…


Guide to Doing Cinco De Mayo Right

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, which means you should be double fisting tacos y margaritas by next Tuesday, as if you need a reason. Originally devised to celebrate the triumph of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, Cinco de Mayo has become a universal celebration of the traditions and food de México.


Leave your clients LOL’ing on April Fools’ Day

Verified by Kapow and scientists alike, it’s proven that laughter is the best medicine. Whether with managers, co-workers or customers, a good communal chuckle stimulates conversation and eliminates those nerves that are holding you back from completing the big sale. So, as April Fools’ Day approaches, don’t stress about finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind joke, but…