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Food and Drink

Before you head out to happy hour or dinner with clients, make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest food and beverage trends. And don’t forget the basics. Whether you want to know what a canape is, how to say niçoise or what the difference is between a dry, dirty and wet martini, Kapow has you covered.

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Food and Drink

Cocktails of Springtime

The winter chill is subsiding and the warm fresh breezes encourage the springtime sun to hatch fresh batches of tulips and sprout buds from the branches. Yes, the season’s most miraculous transitions are upon us, rewarding our patience with the glories of nature. But enough of that, how about a delicious spring cocktail to go with that handful of crocuses? You bet. And today, your choices could not be more varied or exceptional.

Food and Drink

Baconfest 2015

Bacon lovers unite; Baconfest 2015 is coming right around the corner. It’s time to give your taste buds a run for their money at this savory event.

Food and Drink

Tips For Staying Classy While Dining on International Soil

Whether it’s a casual reception or a formal dinner, we all agree that proper etiquette is paramount in the pursuit of impressing your clients. Here in the US that means waiting to eat until all your guests are served, using your utensils from the outside in, and never slurping your soup. But these rules are certainly not universal, in fact in some parts of Asia, slurping your noodles is a sign of gratitude to the chef. So before you head out for your next business trip abroad, consult our short list of common manners mishaps and take on your international business lunch with confidence.

Food and Drink

Wrigley Rooftops, Highly Recommended

Spring has officially sprung. The weather is warming up, the birds are chirping and America’s favorite past time, is in full swing. That means the cubbies are once again the talk of the town. Theres nothing quite like taking in a ballgame in person. Sure, Wrigley field is great, but why not catch a game a little differently. When it comes to Cub’s games it’s hard to beat a Wrigley rooftop. Why, you ask? Here are just a few reasons.

Food and Drink

Sip through Spring at These Atlanta Breweries

With warm weather heating up ATL, what better way to refresh than with an ice cold craft brew? When you have the option to get your dose of vitamin D, challenge your buds to some cornhole and sip deliciously flavorful Atlanta beers, you’d be mad not to try out one of these beer-lover’s hotspots.

Food and Drink

Elevate Your Cocktail Hour With a Reception Atop a Chicago Skyscraper

As Chicagoans faced with this city’s capricious nuances on a daily basis (talking to you, Chiberia), it can be easy to forget that we live in one of the greatest (and most visually stunning) architecture capitals of the world. While other cities may enjoy perennial beach weather, our fair city provides us with unbelievable sights to behold all year long. So, next time you hear your co-workers grumbling about the finicky springtime weather or their long commute, remind them just how much they love this city with a sky-high reception atop one of its most famous skyscrapers.


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Food and Drink

Best Places to Brunch in Dallas

With the warm weather heating up the Lone Star state, brunch is making its way back weekend schedule. Let’s face it, Dallas locals love to do brunch. Especially when there’s the option to sit outside and bask in sunlight, you’d be crazy not to spend your Saturday afternoon socializing while brunching. Next time you find your stomach begging for a savory or sweet breakfast, consider these options:

Food and Drink

The Countdown to Summer Hours

The countdown until summer has begun, and that means that summer hours are nearly here. Summer hours occur when companies adjust their weekly schedule to let employees leave early on Fridays. Not all businesses offer this benefit, but to those who do, well, you’re a lucky bunch. Leaving early on Fridays can only mean one thing… more free time out in the sun, and we’ve got some ideas of how to spend it.

Food and Drink

Q&A With James Beard Award Winning Chef, Carrie Nahabedian

With the final nominees for all James Beard Awards coming out tomorrow, we sat down with decorated chef Carrie Nahabedian to take a delicious walk through her amazing culinary story. From her Michelin star restaurant to her 2008 James Beard Foundation Award, Nahabedian is nothing short of spectacular.

Food and Drink

Day in the Life of a Dallas Tourist

We like to believe that Dallas is a very underrated city, especially in the last couple of years, Dallas has really come to establish itself. What used to be a somewhat bland city known for oil money, southern accents and the Dallas Cowboys, has really turned its image around. Dallas is now known for their hip nightlife, wide variety of food options and all their ritzy high-end shops. That’s why if you’re making your way to town, whether it be for business or pleasure, we can almost guarantee you’ll find something that’ll interest you or your taste buds. As an innocent tourist who doesn’t have much of a clue what to do, here are some tips.

Food and Drink

Why This Works: Club Magnolia

The Masters is approaching with Rory McIlroy at the peak of his game and the return of Tiger woods, which means this PGA tournament will be the talk of the town.

Food and Drink

Why This Works: Fulton Market Kitchen

Fusing the power of art and food for an experience that is both a visual and flavorful adventure, Fulton Market Kitchen trades cold and contemporary for creativity and warmth. Located in the bustling West Loop, this artistic escape leaves a memorable impression on its patrons by fostering an environment that is reminiscent of a cool modern art museum, with the addition of an innovative menu.