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Get insider tips for finding, planning and hosting the perfect event. You’ll find everything from how to read the room at your event to what to wear to best practices for hosting a killer event that your guests won’t forget. We’ve gathered the best event-planning tips in one convenient spot.

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Event Tips

How to Get an Unfair Amount of Face Time with Clients

It’s no secret that closing sales starts with building meaningful relationships with your clients. That makes quality face time with new and existing clients more critical than ever. In today’s ultra-competitive, fast-paced corporate environment, getting beyond emails and phone calls can be an uphill battle. Unique corporate events are often the solution, giving you an unfair amount of face…

Event Tips

Plan events across the U.S. with Kapow’s National Retail Program

Not only are retail events quickly becoming one of Kapow’s most popular event types, but they are ideal for planning events across multiple markets. For sales managers responsible for overseeing dozens of events across the country, it can be challenging to ensure you’re delivering a consistent experience for all guests. It’s also a challenge to ensure offices across…

Event Tips

Book your post-tax-season party

Book your post-tax-season party with Kapow. Browse unique happy hours, dinners and interactive events in your city to find the perfect event for your team.

Event Tips

Leave your clients LOL’ing on April Fools’ Day

Verified by Kapow and scientists alike, it’s proven that laughter is the best medicine. Whether with managers, co-workers or customers, a good communal chuckle stimulates conversation and eliminates those nerves that are holding you back from completing the big sale. So, as April Fools’ Day approaches, don’t stress about finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind joke, but…

Event Tips

Why You Should Host Clients at a Golf Tournament

Golf has always be an integral part of building business relationships. The four hours spent on a course—where integrity counts as much as your handicap—has made and broken relationships. Want to participate but don’t know the difference between an eagle and a birdie? Hosting your clients and prospects at a pro tournament is the perfect solution.…

Event Tips

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Last week, we focused on Mardi Gras as a theme for your next corporate event. This week we’re picking another great holiday full of celebrations – St. Patrick’s Day.


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Event Tips

Drive event ROI with Kapow Professional

If you’ve been in sales and marketing for long enough, you’ve learned a number of inescapable truths about time with your customers: Face-to-face time with your customers is the best thing for building long-lasting relationships  Face-to-face time with your customers is the best thing for ultimately closing business Customers don’t appreciate it when you spend all of…

Event Tips

Event Times That Boost Attendance

Kapow is at the nexus of two inescapable truths: face-to-face interactions grow business relationships, and experiences are far more valuable than “stuff”. Unique Kapow experiences transcend “work” and help host companies earn brand buzz, gain trust and retain their employees — as long as the events are well attended. As a corporate event host, how can…

Event Tips

March Madness Corporate Event Ideas

March is coming up fast and we’re ready for the madness. The NCAA March Madness tournament schedule kicks off on March 16th (selection Sunday) and the madness continues through the first week of April. What does that mean for you? You’ll have three full weeks to engage your clients with a March Madness themed event. The tournament schedule and our top picks are below!

Event Tips

6 Steps to Off-site Meeting Success

More than 75 percent of U.S. employers now have open concept offices, according to Kahler Slater, a Milwaukee-based researcher. It’s also increasingly common for new office spaces — especially in the tech industry — to be equipped with collaboration spaces, unassigned “commuter” desks and seating for a change of scenery, stocked kitchens (and bars!), green…

Event Tips

Leverage your Business Partners to Engage Clients

Though we often get caught up in texting, email and social media, scoring face time at corporate events is one of the most effective ways to build meaningful relationships with clients and to close sales. However, limited budgets, never-ending to-do lists and a shortage of introductions can make planning a corporate event a challenge. For some, the solution is to co-host…

Event Tips

Incorporate Event Data into your CRM with Kapow’s Invitations Platform

When you’re booking an event for client entertainment, you have three primary “jobs” to accomplish: You need to get the right people to your event You need to ensure your event is successful You need to measure the results of your event If you’ve booked an event at one of the venues in the Kapow…