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Get insider tips for finding, planning and hosting the perfect event. You’ll find everything from how to read the room at your event to what to wear to best practices for hosting a killer event that your guests won’t forget. We’ve gathered the best event-planning tips in one convenient spot.

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Event Tips

Form Strong Bonds While Sweatworking

A little exercise does wonders for the body, helping us fight the battle of the bulge and ward off dreaded diseases. It also activates those wonderful brain chemicals that promote happiness and relaxation. As it turns out, physical activity is great for team building, too. In fact, a U.S. News & World Report article counts…

Event Tips

Event trend: book a hands-on cooking class

It’s been an interesting summer in the grocery world. During the past few months, Blue Apron, one of the country’s first and most standout meal-kit delivery services, went public on the New York Stock Exchange. Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion. Wal-Mart, the largest grocer in the United States,…

Event Tips

New in Team Building: Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts

Team-building activities have long been part of office life. They encourage better working relationships between employees and teams and help form bonds that might not typically occur during employees’ day-to-day routines. But as more and more companies emphasize the importance of team building, the demand for more unique and engaging experiences increases. The resulting trend:…

Event Tips

Inside a Mixology Event

Here at Kapow, we love mixology events. They’re unique, engaging and there’s no shortage of great drinks. More importantly, mixology events have always been very popular with our corporate clients. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a mixology event—or haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one—here’s a breakdown of how the event goes,…

Event Tips

Put a Culinary Spin on your Next Walking Tour

When it comes to engaging events, it’s hard to beat a walking tour. Participants have the chance to explore the nooks and crannies of interesting and historic city neighborhoods and landmarks, while enjoying some fresh air with their co-workers. Expert guides, meanwhile, entertain with fascinating stories about each area. To make a great event even…

Event Tips

Spice up Your Next In-Office Event

In a recent article from Forbes.com, corporate culture is called out as a point of discussion that has recently been on the rise. And it’s no surprise why. Culture helps stakeholders identify company values, attracts and retains top talent, and helps establish brand identity. Custom office spaces have become a key component of that as…


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Event Tips

5 Kapow Tools you May Not Know About

Here at Kapow, we’ve created a number of products and tools to help simplify the process of planning and managing events. And while there are some tools—like our customizable invitations, RSVP platform and search filters—that you may be familiar with, there are some lesser-known products that could be hugely beneficial to you. We want to…

Event Tips

How to Effectively Use an Experience Add-On

You’re planning the company’s next client or employee event. You know it needs to be memorable and keep guests entertained from start to finish. You need to keep costs down, but don’t want to host a boring in-office party. The typical cocktails and conversation is not going to meet the standards of these semi-brutal attendees.…

Event Tips

Events That are Great for Brand Exposure

Events are a great way to get valuable face time with your clients. They create a forum for networking, building lasting business relationships and establishing trust. When planning an event, it’s important to focus on making your event—and your brand—memorable. You are, after all, hosting the event to gain exposure for your brand. Here are…

Event Tips

5 Reasons You Should Host A Lunch Meeting

Like most other people who work in corporate America today, you probably don’t give much thought to the weekday lunch. Whether it involves a walk to the employee cafeteria, a quick visit to a drive-thru window or a trip to the office fridge, the mid-day repast is typically just a quick fuel-up to get through…

Event Tips

Measuring event success part 4: best practices for post-event surveys

When it comes to events, tracking ROI can be quite challenging. And though there are a number of ways to measure event success by looking at attendee data, qualitative data can be just as effective to ensuring success at future events. One of the best ways to get feedback from attendees, is to—wait for it—actually…

Event Tips

Finding the right event based on your event goal

You need to plan an event, but your head is spinning from the what appears to be an overabundance of choices. No need to stress out. You can narrow down the choices considerably based on the primary purpose of your event. Make networking effortless If the main reason for your event is networking, you’ll want…